Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Xtube Beats Other Sites

There are a lot of adult video sharing sites that sort of cropped up with the advent of Youtube and the realization that you could have the same amazing results with porn. And nobody could be happier than me, and the bunches of other folks who wanted to put their erotic selves out into cyberspace but never had the forum or the technical skills to do so.

Xtube, Redtube, Youporn, Pornotube, Megarotic, and so many more that I'm sure I don't know about . . . they all are great spots to find real amateur people sexing themselves and one another up- for free! It's like a win-win situation where nobody loses out.But some sites are better than others, and I've got to come out with my endorsement. I Heart Xtube. Here are my reasons why:

* The dazzling variety of sexualities. I've spent a little time doing searches on the other websites, and they've all come up blank. "Butch lesbian" yields nothing. "FtM"? Please, the search engines start going haywire- no, they tell me, they resolutely have no results for "FtM". I've never seen so many different, dazzling sexualities as are available on Xtube- 95 videos come up for transmen (and many more pictures), and at least three enterprising lesbian couples are fighting against the slew of quote-unquote "lesbian bimbos" (and if that seems too little, know that it's three more than any other site apparently has!). I've had the pleasure of watching twinks and bears and musclemen and MILF's and DILF's and teens and co-eds and virgins and shemales and transgirls both pre-op and post-op and crossdressers and married couples and fuckbuddies . . . none of it professional porn, and all of it real and hot. Other sites pale in comparison.

* An actual community. Other sites don't seem to have much in the way of information on the people who are uploading the videos. In fact, I think that for Redtube, you can't even get to anything resembling a profile. On Xtube, every user has a profile much like social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook, and the ability to leave comments, give gifts, write blogs, make friends, send private messages, and so on. Certainly not every user has a filled out profile, and hey, that's fine. Lots of people are on Xtube to simply get off. But Xtube's focus on fostering community means several things: we become more than just pawns in the great mainstream porn machine, the site can act like both a porn site and a free version of, and people are able to get more of what they want (as per people making personal requests of other posters). I love the people on Xtube because they feel like family . . . family I enjoy getting off with, that is!

* A pretty layout. Don't ask me why, but I like a site that is easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, and which doesn't overwhelm my senses with crazy colors, unreadable fonts, or excessive, tricky advertisements. Xtube has a clean white background, simple organization in its channels, and it's basically straightforward. Makes me feel good using it. The other sites seem to have a unanimous black background (always feels "fishy" to me) and poor design.

* A variety of porn options, for both users and submitters. It seems like if you want to buy and stream-watch professional porn online, submit your own erotic pictures and videos, sell your own erotic pictures and videos, and consume free porn, you had to go to four different sites that could help you with each. What I love about Xtube is the fact that it's all right there. Want to make a bit of cash and become an amateur star? Simply open an Amateur account and wait for the buyers to pour in. Not in it for the money? Open a regular account. Tired of looking at normal people beating their meat? Run to the Paid Channels to buy some professional porn. Tired of professional porn? Get away from the Paid Channels. It's just that easy. Why would anyone go anywhere else when it's all right there?

* Help is easily available. Other sites might have options to get in contact, but what I love about Xtube is the fact that there are Administrators with their own profile pages, blogs, and updates. When I first joined Xtube, I got a wonderful message from Lance, an Administrator, that not only made me feel welcome, but sort of told me that there were real, live people here working to make the site great and accessible, very personal. For a while there (and maybe even still now, I'm not sure), one of the Administrators promised to be online and available to chat and help and troubleshoot any problems that users might be having. How's that for awesome?

* Xtube has a real-life contingent. This is kind of part of the above praise, but I love it that Xtube isn't just online- the guys and gals behind it have come out with booths and representation at various events, including Toronto Pride. That's pretty cool- it shows a dedication to getting out there and not just being another porn site, but a community force.

* A point system! Okay, so it's about as frustrating as the ticket system in arcades- you never went there enough or played well enough to get enough tickets for that giant stuffed teddy bear in the window, so you ended up with cheap unicorn erasers. I mean, with uploaded videos only getting you 10 points, and $5.00 of Xtube money costing 1,400 points, well, let's say it's going to be a long while before I get to collect. But I still like the fact that Xtube has this system to motivate people (as if we exhibitionists need extra motivation!).

* It has a Wiki! And the way everyone loves Wikipedia, that's pretty awesome.

* Xtube: the store! I love it that you can do some porn surfing and one-stop adult shopping all at the same place. Not to mention that they sell Xtube merchandise. Oh, I am soooo getting a T-shirt!

And I'm sure there are lots of reasons that Xtube is awesome, but those are the main ones that stick out to me. So what are you waiting for? Do as Xtube says, and "Log on and get off!"!

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