Saturday, May 3, 2008

Xtube Notables

On adult sharing sites, you often get a lot of the same old stuff. Yes, it's all still hot and sexy, but how many times can you watch a random, headless person masturbate for two minutes and cum? It's hard to stand out amidst all that, so in that vein of thought, here are the those who I have found highly notable. Certainly this is subjective and primarily based on what I find erotic, but I'm truly trying to be objective and finding not necessarily the "hottest" of Xtube, but rather the people who stand out from the rest. So, without futher ado, here we go:

Best Transman Of Xtube

Jesse Bell is one sexy transman, so quite naturally, he opened up an account called sexytransman and has proceeded to blow my mind. Cock pumping, enemas, urethral sounding (!), self-fisting, double penetration, and taking the entirety of a massive 10-inch dildo anally . . . all in the boy's reperetoire. Yeah, he's talented. And apparently bisexual: he expresses a preference for men but notes that there's a special lady in his life that he calls "my Slut". How's that for hot and giving hope to every person on the planet? Also, I think it absolutely must be mentioned that in his profile, he says that he "works as an escort/rentboy for men of all orientations as a side project". Why don't more of my friends have such great side projects? Worship at his sexy ballet fetish boots (yeah, he owns and sometimes masturbates in ballet fetish boots).

Best Straight Couple Of Xtube

Newcomers Jude and Latti share a joint account under the name librariannextdoor. They're dedicated to making an Internet sex podcast . . . whatever that means. Nobody really cares, though, because whatever they call it, it's hot, fun, and zany. There are so many sexy couples on Xtube that it's impossible to choose one just based on the hot factor. What sets Jude and Latti apart, however (other than being one of the most attractive, young, and uninhibited couples around) is their playful banter, sense of humor, and obvious natural ease with one another. On a site where most videos end and begin centered on the genitals in question, it's refreshing to see smiling, laughing faces, hear them talk and interact, and get a real sense of connection between them and their fans (they talk to their viewers and are dedicated to taking and fulfilling their requests). And they have hot sex. And it should be noted that they're in the process of receiving suggestions on what to name their butt-plug . . . so go and give them your input!

Best Lesbian Couple Of Xtube

And the award goes to . . . bomb666! Although I cannot go without mentioning sailorsgrave as well (they didn't win because technically, with their Amateur Channel, they're in it for the money now). Sharing a joint account, the girlfriends have a real dyke appeal- a little butchy, and very athletic (only hobbies listed: gym rat and amateur pornstar). The girls are versatile, switching between top and bottom, and putting a lot of hot and powerful finger-fucking and strap-on banging to one another for scorching orgasms. The hottest thing? Their profile states: "I hope to someday be the president of a strictly girl on girl pornography business.". Yeah, I hope so, too!

Best Sex Educator Of Xtube

I've always been under the impression that sex education and porn can collide and mix in the most delicious of ways. I mean, what's a better way of educating than actually showing how it's done? There aren't a lot of said videos on Xtube, but one man totally deserves props: 1340harleyd's video Masturbation 101 is a 25-minute tutorial on how to give a handjob- complete with notes! Not only is it quite hot to hear him work hard on holding out long enough to give all his pointers, but he truly seems to want to help his viewers know how to please their men. Rockin'! At one point in time he said he would make a prostate-stimulation tutorial if he could enlist the aid of a lady friend, but nothing's come of it since. So you know what to do- message that guy and ask him to get the ball rolling!

Best Gay Slut Of Xtube

Apparently Spain is where the party is at. Going by the pretty accurate name Cum_Eater_Madrid, this boy is not only incredibly prolific with some 52-odd videos (as of now), but they are filled with wall-to-wall sluttitude that I simply haven't seen anywhere outside of professional porn. With titles like "orgy with 7 cocks", you just know things are going to be, well, good. And his pretty-boy looks (I rather think he resembles Ferris Bueller), oral skills, and complete eagerness to meet with essentially anybody up for some hot sex, all make him a standout star.

Best Transwoman Of Xtube

Katie Katz blows my mind . . . I wish I could marry her. Going under the name diaperedtgirl, she's different from any other transgal I've seen on Xtube. For starters, the girl has impeccable punk style. If you get tired of transwomen and cross-dressers dressed in full-fledged lingerie and clothing that feels like it's from the 50's (or, controversially, clothes so slutty they almost make you want to laugh), no more worries. She's punk, she's Goth, she's naughty schoolgirl, corseted bondage queen, and, as per her name, a cute babydoll who simply loves being in a diaper. Not to mention that she also makes erotic comics, takes truly artistic photographs, and lists her dating status as "unfaithful" and her hobbies as "being super cute". A while ago she had up several fantastic non-explicit videos that literally blew my mind with their artistry . . . now they're gone. Why, Katie, why? You want to see them? Go and beg her to put them back up!

So those are people who are drawing my attention lately. They definitely aren't all of them, but it'd take me forever to list them all, and, well, I do have a life outside of this blog ;). Now tell me, because I'm curious: who do YOU find notable on Xtube?


knotworthy said...

i second sexytransmans nomination, every gosh darn thing that dude does is sexy...i have no idea how he does it, but i have been known to get totally wet and have to masterbate just from a text, telling me he landed saftly at an airport. woof.

since you asked, my second favorite porn on xtube is the guy masturbating with the catus...i am surprised he did not get mentioned, who even thinks of putting a catus up your ass then dancing your dick on it...yum

Alani said...

Sexytransman definitely has my thumbs up, the originality and non staged anonymity is what draws the viewer in. Seconding your earlier statement about the headless only answer is comparable to looking for a good fight scene in a movie featuring headless combatants! It's flat, boring, uninspiring, and does not induce any feelings of arousal whatsoever!
Bomb666 gets votes too but as xtube gains more users she has been displaced....have you been on there lately?