Monday, June 16, 2008 Eye Candy Galore!

Do you know other sites dedicated towards the beauty that is a handsome butch women, the sheer sexual energy of a cute boi, or the proud, sensual strength of an FtM? I didn't, either, until now . . . take a look at the new, which promises a 2009 calendar to adorn your room (office?), and a porno DVD.

After, Cyber Dyke's queer twist on "Playboy"- a site featuring hot butches and bois in sexy spreads, assorted articles, advice columns, and erotica- turned out to be a horrible, horrible unfulfilled tease (the site had roughly two online "issues" in 2003 and has since been neither updated nor disbanded), I started to lose faith in butch-appreciation endeavors. After all, nothing else was giving me hope. While sites that included butches and femmes flourished (the mainstream Butch-Femme and the adult Crash Pad Series, just to name one of the now many), those dedicated solely to butch-butch couplings (or perhaps better said masculine-masculine, to include FtM's in the spectrum) or just general appreciation of butches failed, miserably. Two sites I used to frequent- and the very promising have both went belly-up, unfortunately. Domain names like don't take you to a wonderful place where butch bottoms- of any gender- get any fun . . . go ahead and click to see who owns that one!

My point, I guess, is simply that it seems that butches aren't very commercially viable on their own. In the realm of lesbian couples, femmes go with femmes first and foremost, butches go with femmes second, and finally, in the minority, butches pair up with other butches. Femmes have the right to be attracted to both butches and femmes; a butch who has a similar open-mindedness is less acceptable (in general lesbian culture). While porn with femmes only abounds, I know of no porn that features only butches. Butch-butch couplings may be in a well-received, well-selling porn, but femmes will also be present. And while I do love me some femmes, I really love butches, bois, FtM's, drag kings, genderqueers, and genderfuckers more. You'll have no trouble finding artsy sites devoted to beautiful black-and-white nude femmes . . . but point me to any site that puts butches on the receiving end of the lustful gaze- whether it's artistic nudity or exploitative cheesecake photos (beefcake?). Don't worry, I'm not holding my breath.

Why? Because, well, a new one has cropped up! is a brand spankin' new site that specializes exlusively in, as the name hints at, butches and bois. Well, perhaps it isn't brand spankin' new- according to the site, its sex toy company leg has been in existence since 2005. But only now has it branched into media- a 2009 Hot Bois Calendar and supposedly a porno DVD full of hot, raw sex. The site itself is very new- it will have member pages, but that's under "Coming Soon". Still, there are already two lovely Butch Bois Of The Month- Cam and Tyler- and more on their Myspace page. The bois are indeed very hot- even if the photography looks mostly like hot pictures taken at someone's home with a Kodak. One can only hope that 1) they follow through with their plans for the calendar and DVD (and can find releasers/retailers), 2) that they keep things up-to-date and in-touch with those of us eagerly watching, and 3) that they don't drift away into obscurity like so many other butch-appreciation sites have.

So go, befriend them on the mighty Myspace, bookmark the site, and keep your eyes on this lovely endeavor!

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Jiz Lee said...

That's great!

I'm hoping they follow through as well. Sending them supporting love may help. Thanks for the nod to Pink & White as well. :)

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