Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Things Come In 3's

I'm back from Japan and ready to write some more blogs (hopefully more frequently, too), at least until school sets in and I start seriously applying for the JET Program once the application goes live in September. Then, you'll be lucky to get a blog or two out of me a month.

But until then, click below to read all about it!

So, what about that title? That's right, I have 3 great pieces of news, so here goes:

1) Crashpadseries.com is back up! Well, quite honestly, it's been up for a while- I just haven't been blogging enough to write it down. But it's still pretty brand smackin' new, and it features a new layout that I'm [frankly] still getting used to (I'm quite resistant to change, if you didn't already know). And almost all of the threads from the forum have disappeared (including the beloved "Brainstorm Your Own Crash Pad Plots" that I started and contributed to heavily . . . sadness!). And there are still a lot of bugs to be worked out of the system, fixes to be made and all that. Suffice to say, she's not exactly perfect as of yet. But she's back, and that's what matters most. Hello, hot, pervy, queer sex shot in classic Pink & White Productions style!

2) Bren Ryder's been busy! Here I was a little peeved that she had given up regular updates and tried to explain it all away in a non-apologetic form in her blog. Then she not only makes up for it with a new and improved webpage design (has the Crash Pad Series' redecorating inspired everyone?) and new updates, but I visit back and am greeted with a real, honest-to-goodness DVD- yes, a DVD! Following again in Crashpadseries.com's footsteps (or was this just sheer coincidence?), the DVD is essentially just a tangible compilation of scenes that have appeared on the website, but I still think it's a gigantic step. Anybody with a little know-how can start up a pornographic website; producing a video is an entirely different ballpark. Congrats, Bren! So go, browse around, watch new scenes (bound to be controversial and inspire some talk), and buy the DVD from Good For Her!

3) Tony Comstock of Comstock Films mentioned in his blog that their new film, "Bill and Desiree: Love Is Timeless" is coming out soon! I'm super excited for a couple of reasons: slow and steady is the name of their game, and unlike other companies who come out with a movie every year or so, it seems they've been stuck at "Ashley and Kisha: Finding The Right Fit" for forever. So a new video is great. Plus the couple is wonderfully surprising- older, older even than Matt and Khym, and they both look lovely (particularly Desiree . . . who, at least from the picture on the cover, looks like she'll have an elegant grace and truly sensual warmth). But the thing about this that gets me the most excited is that it puts us one film closer to Brett and Melanie! Ashley and Kisha were a wonderful lesbian pair, but Brett and Melanie have a distinctly queer edge that Comstock's films haven't had yet. I mean, just read the promo: A classic story of: boi meets (high femme) girl; boi wears big, black, strap-on; boi and girl share a spirited romp with their toys and each other. Wait, you mean you don't know that story? Trust us, it's a good one! I trust you, Tony. Oh yes indeed, I trust you. I'm such a fan of Tony's docu-porno style, and the only other I've seen like it with a queer focus was Morty Diamond's "Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi and Wil", which left a little something lacking in polish and production values.

So there it is, three bits of wonderful news. I'm sure there are more out there, too! In the meantime, celebrate!

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