Sunday, August 3, 2008

Bad News: Calls It Quits

Every time I hear about a great new company starting up- the sex-positive, women-friendly, gonna-make-a-difference kind that I love- I get a little scared. It's hard in the porn world, and even if you're the big fish in your little queer, indie pond, once you hop on over to the ocean that is mainstream porn, you've got a lot of monstrous competition. I bit my nails for the longest time over Pink & White Productions when they first came out with "The Crash Pad", worried to death that they'd go the way of Shar Redenour's S.I.R. Video (whose homepage has been proclaiming "We're currently redecorating . . . we'll be back soon so don't be a stranger!" for at least six years). Luckily, P&W have managed to not only keep their foothold, but build an empire (at least, an empire compared to what most other, similar porn has). But I still have these fears that what I love today will be gone tomorrow.

And just like that, it was.

I randomly trolled over to tonight for a quick persual to see if they had anything new to offer, and sat straight up to read the notice:

To all Libidofilms customers:

Sad to say, the time has come to pull the plug on our little experiment in sex-positive erotica. If you have been putting off downloading your favorites, now is the time. Don't delay.

This site will definitively disappear on July 30, 2008.

After that videos will no longer be accessible except as dvds, which you can find at and the best of the women's sex toy stores.

We thank each of you who has supported us.


How incredibly sad. I was constantly pimping out the company for its very cool films like "Urban Friction" and "Trial Run", which endeavored to the weighty task of making erotica for women that actually had a plot- not easy at all (or at least not easy to make it so you can please often picky female viewers). And they even managed to get their films sold on the fairly conservative, which has always impressed me even more. And then they recently went and produced an animated feature ("My Art School Summer"), which literally knocked my socks off- animation is largely held by Japanese porn and making one's own animated feature, well, that's a buttload of hard work and dedication. Strike two for rising above and beyond. And finally, their site had one of the largest collections I'd ever seen of vintage/antique erotic videos (that's right, not pictures, but videos), dating from the early 1920's to the late 50's. That, and other great feature films and even better shorts, made Libido Films truly stand out.

While the notice says that site will be definitively down, it still seems "up" to me- in fact, you can even still watch the previews. I attempted to download a few movies and the site didn't seem to like that, so that part of it may be abandoned and forgotten, unfortunately. I came just a bit too late, damn it. Of course, you can still get most of their titles from other places, but what's lost- the vintage erotica, the shorts, and most especially, any future astounding work I'm sure they would have made- is far too great.

I hope another company steps forward to take their place, but I'm still mourning the loss. You gave it hell, Libido, and turned a lot of people on, both sexually, emotionally, and intellectually. Thank you, and good luck in whatever you talented folks head out to do next.

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