Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Male To . . . Male?

I'm used to a lot of gender configurations and transitions . . . the genderqueer movement has moved us far past feminine, stealth, heterosexual, post-operative, HRT, male-to-female transsexual women (or, on the other end, macho, stealth, post-operative, HRT, male-to-female transsexual guys). And yet, this is a first even for me:

A guy, who had a dick, got rid of it, and started taking hormones. But it's not what your thinking: he got rid of the dick, but the hormones he started taking were masculine ones (to replace those lost when his scrotum was removed). He's a dude, with a vagina. And he'd absolutely love ya to fuck him like crazy in that "mangina". He ain't shy about it: his username on proudly proclaims him as The Mangina Man. You know, get it? He's got a vagina, and Man + Vagina = Mangina.

Which makes him very similar to Pop Shot Blog's beloved other man with a pussy, Mr. Buck Angel. Except that Buck Angel didn't have quite the same history (for all you STILL in the dark, you silly folks you, Buck's an FtM, meaning he used to be female-bodied).

I'm don't know . . . I'm still a little dizzy and thrilled by his mere existence. I've heard from several men over the years who want to, for whatever reason, voluntarily get rid of their penises but not become female (to aid with celibacy, as a sexual fetish, part of body integrity identity disorder, etc., etc.), but most surgeons will not castrate such men (please . . . when it takes years of "real-life tests" and therapy just to get the required approval for surgery with the by-now very well-known gender dysphoria experienced by transsexuals, that'd be pretty crazy and hypocritical). However it happened, I find it a step nearer a utopian world where gender can be explored much more easily, and not everyone who experiments with surgery and hormones need to be classified and condemned by not fitting the constraints of what constitutes "transsexual". It reads like something out of Pat Califia's radical writings. Unfortunately, women who'd like to have a dick, but not get the physical masculinity that comes with testosterone use, are still stuck with strapping on those of the plastic type. But I have high hopes that medical science can catch up.

Anyways . . . on his profile, Mangina Man says he's soon starring in his first porn film in L.A., and I for one can't be more excited. How will he be marketed, I wonder? As an FtM? Or will the new niche of "man born as male but who got penis inversion surgery" porn be born?

It's frickin' awesome however you slice it (pun not intended?), to say the very least. Go and talk to this rare and unique, and very horny and cool, dude.

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Anonymous said...

Josef Kirchner, the "Mangina Man," was born male, felt that he was a woman, had SRS, and lived for many years as a woman. Later on, he came to feel that he no longer wanted to live as a woman, had his very large breast implants removed, went back on male hormones, and began bodybuilding to attain a muscular masculine physique. He is extremely satisfied with his surgically created vagina, and lives openly as a gay man with female genitalia.