Monday, October 27, 2008

Double Teaming Prop 8

As my phonology teacher cleverly hinted at last week at the end of class, "The test will be Chapters 1 to 7. Not Chapter 8. No on 8." (with a waggle of his eyebrows), there's something big going on in your ballot's propositions: gay marriage hangs in the delicate balance. And considering that this proposed ban is coming after we have won the right . . . well, that makes it all the more important.

I don't think I need to elaborate on the importance of voting "No"; if you're here reading this, you're probably pre-disposed for that choice! What I can tell you (that you may not have found elsewhere), is that you can lend your support by buying porn. Seriously. I like to call it "double teaming Prop 8"- because it sounds dirty and you're doing two things with one action. It's the best offer I've seen since Bren Ryder made her stuff nearly free. Just don't tell anybody who already donated large amounts of money to the cause before this porn offer was made, as they might understandably be a little angry. Here's the info:

* Pink & White Productions: We at Pink & White Productions have decided to donate ALL signup sales from folks joining on one whole 24-hour day to give to the “No on Prop 8 Campaign“. Sign up for a membership to on Thursday October 30th and support Civil Rights and equality for everyone. Help us to stop this proposed injustice. We’ll be counting sales up until midnight and want to announce a HUGE donation so spread the word!

Or here it is, in Shine's own words:

* Comstock Films: This time it’s going to be from Tuesday, Oct. 28, 12AM Eastern to Oct. 29 3AM Eastern. 27 hours, 100% of the purchase price on our erotic documentary DVDs (excluding S&H) going to the No On Proposition 8 Campaign. So get your blog on. Get your Twitter and your Facebook and your MySpace on. Text a friend, e-mail a loved one. Tell them that if they buy any Comstock Films DVD on October 28, 100% of the purchase price will go helping stop Ballot Measure 8 in California.

So yeah. You have no reason to not help and support the cause by buying porn, 'cuz it's fantastic porn, and it's even gay and straight for all you allies. Don't watch porn? Give it to your friends as a gift. Sex up the conflict.

Support equality!

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