Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Gasp! It Does Exist!

Well, I just finished posting my review of the Japanese-lovin' "Amorous Woman", and thinking about it brought me once again to the lack of Asian men in porn, a concept that's been on-and-off in my mind ever since Jiz wrote this article. So I took it upon myself to do some of that laborious Googling, and, after pounds and pounds of crud, found some sparkly gems of SAMP's (straight Asian male pornstars) that I will of course generously share with you after the jump.

EDIT, 10/30/08: Fleshbot wrote up Keni Styles! Hmmm, I wonder who could have tipped them off? *Smiles demurely* Just remember where you heard it first, ya'll.

Ah, the straight Asian man in porn. He's like a unicorn-mythical, fantasized about, perhaps glimpsed here and there in a grainy photo- but essentially, he isn't part of our reality. It's not surprising, really- there's the stereotype about the small penises (note: I recently found out that it actually is a statistical fact that the average Asian penis is slightly smaller than the average Caucasian penis, which is slightly smaller than the average African-American penis . . . but that's no excuse, because averages are exactly that, and porn has never been about representing the average dude! Big-dicked Asian guys do exist!), and a lot of really ridiculous theories about how they're too small and feminine (*rolls eyes*) to be attractive to an American audience. But it's just the fact that there is porn for pretty much every other niche market available that makes the dearth of Asian men in porn really sad. I mean, do we seriously have a famous FtM porn star (Mr. Buck Angel, of course) before we can say the same of a famous Asian male porn star?

Well, in fact, perhaps there IS a famous male Asian porn star. I suppose it depends on how we're defining 'famous', but if starring in professionally-produced films with other big-name stars fits the bill, then somebody needs to recognize my new discovery (well, new to me, old news to his adoring fans) Keni Styles, a half-Thai, half-Brit straight guy seriously sexin' up the screen. Buff, tatted up, and utterly gorgeous eye candy, he's the hottest non-Occidental thang I've seen since Kink.com's Van Darkholme (who is similarly delectable, but in a different way because he only sleeps with the boys). Of course, Britain has to be way cooler than America (even if their dyke pornographers do tend to stay in hiding), because it's over there and in Europe where Keni mostly operates. But nonetheless, you can totally see the work in which he appears- in the very recently released Kendo's Voyeur and Living Dolls, for example- on DVD's in the U.S. (and when websites are so ephemeral, being forever emblazoned on a tangible disc is a big deal). You can keep up with him on his blog, complete with delicious pictures. And you can, like me, wait eargerly and drool at the tantalizing tease of My First Asian Guy, which is just a placeholder image now but promises "Coming Soon". Not to mention a bunch of movies soon to be released that he has shot for other directors like Kendo and Rocco Siffedri, a pilot for his series to present to the channels, as well as recently completing writing a feature movie with his friend Sensi. I can only hope that Keni will keep on truckin', and with his personal website, will follow suit with a trend I notice in the industry- you have your own site (usually with a theme, like 'alt girls'), and you "debut" the hot, hand-picked newbies that get featured on your site, or, in this case, damn smexy Asian guys.

Of course, if you're eager for just plain ol' Asian guys in straight porn not produced in Asia, you don't have to wait for My First Asian Guy (or for Mika Tan's eagerly awaited "Year Of The Cock"). Despite the tricky Web, which would convince you that there is no such thing, the websites DO exist (seriously, I almost do believe it's a conspiracy). Some sites to check out:

* She Loves Asian Cock. This site, which I think- but am not sure- is the work of rare but famed Asian pornstar Hung Lo, is under the process of a makeover. But you can see a lovely teaser clip right not. Supposedly things will be up and running in December.

* Asian-Man.com. Rick Lee, the one-man show of this site, would totally be the guy I was blogging about here if he would only show his face. But, alas, he remains a headless body, and part of what I love most about Asian guys is their lovely facial features.

* Phuck Fu Masters. Two amateurs from Hong Kong- Billy Lee and Bradden- train to be porn stars, or so the website proclaims. (Although this does beg the question, for me . . . when does the training end? They look in fine form to me).

* And then there's always clips-for-sale sites like Bordello 4 AM, Just White Girls, Butter On Cream, and Pink Crave, too.

It's not a lot. But it's way more than I expected, and I do believe that there will be more to come. You can do it, Keni Styles! I believe in you. And if I don't see you taking the world of porn by storm soon, I certainly will be seeing you in my fantasies ;)

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