Saturday, October 25, 2008

If You Pay Men [In The UK] For It . . .

. . . then Raw TV would like to talk to you.

The British company is producing a documentary for Channel 4 about women who frequent male escorts. Whether you've only done it once, or continue to do it often, your story can help. You can remain anonymous- just send them an email, or call them at 07530 150 169 (again, a British number).

I'm not certain, but I doubt much of my readership is British, so anybody who reads it is encouraged to spread it around British-focused online areas. I just wanted to pass it on.

There is so little information out there about men in sex work (I know of only a handful of books about it, compared to the literally thousands about women in sex work- and even then, they tend to focus heavily on men escorting with men). Not to mention that this will shed as much light on the men who escort as on female sexuality and the women who hire them.

Help us understand and gain more insight with your own experiences.

Note: it is perfectly fine to go out and hire a male escort right now just so you can help with your input. Really. :)

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