Wednesday, October 15, 2008

My Kind Of Sex Toy Testing . . . Already Exists!

Okay, I'm a dork. Not enough of a dork to have competed in Jiz Lee's amazing Sexy Dork Contest, which is now over (I seriously wanted to write something, I swear . . . but I spent days searching the dusty attics of my brain without anything coming to mind, which, in itself, I think, is a tribute to my dorkiness). But I am dorky/dumb enough to write long-winded blogs whining about how I want X and Y but there's no X and Y, without doing the appropriate legwork and research!

So I'm just strolling along some dusty old sites I haven't been to in a while, and what do I find but, yep, a site totally fitting my requirements for sex toy reviews + porn. It's kind of easy to forget about Cyber-Dyke, the lesbian porn network that's been around for what feels like forever. I always tend to dismiss it because the gals there are only butch on a rare occasion, FtM's are virtually unheard of, and, to be quite frank, it's a great idea with less-than-stellar execution, in my mind. But one thing they totally have going for them is Girl Tools, a.k.a. the sexiest consumer sex toy testing center in the world! Yeah, they pretty much do exactly what I laid out- showing you a specific toy in action. They might not do everything I want- it's a little more on the side of porn viewing than of honest sex reviews (you can't search out and purchase the video of just a specific toy, for example, and you don't get a summing up, and members would probably be pissed if the girls didn't get their rocks off)- but it's still the basic, general idea.

So, shame on me! Slap my wrists and tell me to do better next time I decide to sit down and write a blog. I can feel a teensy bit better that neither of the two lovely folks who commented on said blog pointed out the existence of Girl Tools . . . or maybe they were just being kind. Ah, well, there's always another blog to be written!

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