Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Oral Fyxashuns

Yes, more talk about queer porn sprouting up like weeds . . . wait, is that a good metaphor? Eck, nevermind; just know that I don't want to pull the queer porn out of my erotic garden. Anyways:

Lady Seduction is apparently the mysterious founder who also goes by 'Trapikal', or is at the very least one of the promoters of Oral Fyxashun Productions, a new company dedicated to making real porn for the LGBTQ community. When I started reading a little bit about them, I had to wonder if they'd done their homework and knew they weren't exactly breaking any molds, as Pink & White Productions, Buck Angel, Trannywood Pictures, and many, many other companies have been making porn for the community for quite a while now. For yes, it's true that, as Trapikal notes:

Once, watching a porn flick in the comforts of my home and utterly bored out of my mind, I had an epiphany! Since we are unabated with videos of straight chicks waling straps like they know what they're doing or straight guys looking totally uncomfortable doing a gay scene, why not create movies geared solely toward the LGBTQ community? In that moment, Oral Fyxashun Productions, Inc. was born.

Although I'd argue that most gay porn featuring straight guys looking uncomfortable are meant to be that way (for that seducing the straight hunk fantasy) and definitely constitute a minority, sub-genre of the gay porn market, she (he?) has certainly nailed the straight girls who can't work a strap-on to save their lives in lesbian porn thing. Certainly, queer porn by queers is always a 100% better than that not made by queers.

But I decided to blog about Oral Fyxashun Productions not simply because they're the new kids on the block who caught my eye with their fantastic rainbow-colored flash graphics. I think they rock in a couple of ways that are different from their predecessors:

* Webcams! Okay, so I'm not all that big on webcams, personally, having been attacked in chatrooms by an onslaught of bots saying 'watch me on cam!' (not to mention the way most of them reducing serious sexiness to jerky, stop-motion like graininess). But what strikes me as impressive is the fact that a LGBTQ-focused, indie, home-grown company is trying to enter the webcam corner of the market. If you think about it, it makes a LOT of sense. Producing DVD's- even fairly low-quality DVD's- is hard work. It takes either a lot of money, or access to the necessary equipment and distributors, and usually a combination of both, to even make it a possibility- and then you have to add in models and crew. It's no wonder most indie, queer porn has had such a long, difficult, faltering start to getting to where it is now. By using webcams, you reduce your overhead down to almost nothing (essentially, models, webcams, and your various Internet distribution interfaces and payment systems). And whereas individual LGBTQ models who deviate from the mainstream (i.e. transmen, queer-identified transwomen, butch women, etc.) might have had difficulty getting viewers, by having such webcam models all under one umbrella of queerness, viewers can easily get what they want and models can easily get viewers. (On a side note, this is totally why I wish there were queer escort services that had everybody in one place, instead of randomly here and there to have to be unearthed). People who want to do porn on their own terms or who are far-flung places on earth and not at sex-positive, queer-friendly porn production meccas like San Francisco or Canada, have a recourse in webcam companies.

* All queer, all the time! Again, Oral Fyxashun Productions aren't the first company to embrace more than one category of 'queer' in their porn- we have to give it up for Pink & White Productions (women! men! transmen! transwomen!) and so many others. And I love and adore and respect their mixed venues- I've always said that I'm the first person complaining about having to switch out the DVD's to get my fill of gayboy, lesbian, FtM, etc. porn all at once- but it certainly makes it harder for other, less pansexual consumers to deal with, as they might want the yummy bisexual action, but not the transsexuality, or the lesbians, but not the gayboy stuff. That's where a single company producing several specific and separate 'lines' is really cool, because the production values/style and aesthetic should be the same, but the content reflects what you're longing to see. I don't know a lot of major companies, to be honest, but I'm pretty sure that I don't know of a company (besides the recently branching out Kink.com) that has produced all (gay, bisexual, transsexual, lesbian, BDSM) types of sexuality in their porn. I just find Oral Fyxashun's ideas in this respect to be really, well, groovy.

So, yeah. That's them. They're totally looking for models (nearly every Google result was some sort of job listing), so if you're up for it, or know those who are, contact them! If you're queer, 18-40, and want to share your adult fun, you're totally their type- all colors and sizes more than welcome. And even if you don't bare it all for their cameras, keep a watch on this cool up-and-comer.

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