Friday, October 24, 2008

Shane's World

I'm not sure why I write blogs anymore; all I ever end up doing is then writing new blogs to amend, fix, and add caveats to those previous ones. Ah, well. I guess we've established that I am no reporter. Just a commentator.

Anyways, I wrote this post, where I called for more 'reality-style' lesbian porn, something that mimicked "Girls Gone Wild", but more explicit and, you know, actually produced by women. And then, today I find out all about hardcore, gonzo-style, reality porn Shane's World. Sure, they have a lot of B/G stuff, but they certainly have some lines dedicated to all-girl ventures. And yes, there are differences- like the fact that porn stars mix and mingle and fuck with the new, fresh-faced amateurs (versus all amateurs). And the girls obviously aren't exactly of the lesbian community, even if this ain't their first time going down on a woman. So there are big differences, and my quest for real lesbian reality porn goes on. But in the meantime, Shane's World does seem pretty cool. If the girls were just a little less pornstar-looking and [at least behaved as if they were a] little smarter, I could probably be persuaded to get down to them.

And what's more, the company fits a lotta my bills- the press-release version of their goals is "to produce movies that show sex as fun, healthy and a natural part of the college experience, as well as life in general. We portray women that are enjoying sex and show them that it is ok to express and experiment with your sexuality." Very nice. They've won several awards, including Best Couples Sex video and Best Couples Sex series, as well as Most Sex-Positive Adult Company by the awards. Admirable. And then the very style gives you a glimpse into the personalities of the stars and starlets, in a way that contextualizes the sex. If there's anything I hate more, it's knowing nothing about the people I'm watching fuck. I want them to be people, and Shane's World definitely fulfills that.

Not to mention that they seem to have a really good sense of humor, which I appreciate a whole lot. I mean, just take a look at their sex toy ad, which is hilarious. Old, weird, and potentially homeless people should always be used to hawk anal beads. Or the trailer for "Nerdz II", which, despite breaking from the norm by not being reality and gonzo-style, but rather plot-based, still looks hilarious (after recently watching "National Lampoon's "Barely Legal", I'm ready for a porn-world-mobsters-mixed-up-with-innocent-teens movie that actually came from the inside!). Or what about the mixture of funny AND safe sex message (yay!) in this awesomely odd episode of "Anal Woman"? And even though it's not funny, I'm head-over-heels impressed with this little piece of trailer art, which has an aesthetic that would totally have me buying the movie if it made me feel the same way I do watching the preview.

Of course, I'm not going to lie to you. I also decided to write this blog because I wanted to bring attention to Shane's World's new "College Invasion Contest" that started this month. Mostly because I just barely heard of it, and I expected it would be a bigger deal in the porno blogosphere. The deal, of course, is that Shane's World will come and rock your college's world if you win their contest by submitting a [clean, nudity-free] Youtube vid to their channel by way of a message. I'd give it a shot, except I seriously doubt there's anything worthy of a porn video at Fresno State. What would we do? Go cow-tipping before the sexin'? Best to leave it to the real party schools, I suppose. If you're a college student or just a very active alumnus, I'm sure your college students would worship you and your deans would hate you (possibly suspend you?) if you tried for it.

All in all, this is a jumbled post, but I think it's mostly to highlight the cool company of Shane's World and their new contest. C'mon queer pornographers- take a hint from mainstream porn and jump on the gonzo train for me!

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ms. jackson said...

I was just thinking about this! When I have the time/money/wherewithal to make the move from blogger to producer, I will totally join you.

(Great site, by the way! I just found you through Jiz's blog. All of the adoration is justified.)