Tuesday, November 11, 2008


I'm a big old dork, because I've been on the Internet forever and yet somehow managed to escape, at least until maybe three or four months ago, the sweeping craze that was and is lolcats- those weird and funny pictures of cats captioned by nearly unintelligible words and phrases. Sure, I saw one or two, but I always ignored them and moved on. Until I found I Can Has Cheezburger?, and then a bigger chunk of my life than I'm willing to admit was lost searching and giggling over these pictures.

I'm also a big old dork because I decided to make my own, with pussies but not with cats. Forgive me, Pink & White Productions; it was too cute an idea to not run away with. And I've posted way too many plain blogs about the film- why put up pictures here when anybody could go and survey them directly at the source? Click after the jump for some wonderful new [stripped of all their dignity] pics from the upcoming MMA fighting dyke porn Champion. You are forewarned; they are dumb.

Perhaps the most graphic:

And the silliest:

This is what happens when you have no school on Veteran's Day. :D

Still, you've come with me all the way down to the last picture, so you deserve a reward. Champion's new adult preview is here!

Well, my blog is being stupid and is cutting off the trailer! Stupid blog (and probably stupid me for not better understanding formatting). Anyways, you can watch good versions at Blowfish.com or Jiz's blog.


shawn said...

i luvz cheeseburgers!

Shine Louise Houston said...

No way! Does everybody know I love funny cat photos. This is hilarious!

Essin' Em said...

Holy crap. This pretty much just made my entire life.

No, really.