Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"The Crash Pad" Online . . . Finally!

Now you really have no excuse to not own it. Also, other secret goodies after the jump!

I've always puzzled over the fact that you couldn't get Pink & White Productions' phenomenal debut film "The Crash Pad" online anywhere. Even though Crash Pad Series came to provide the online porn, the actual movie itself was nowhere to be found, not even on sites like Hot Movies For Her, who continue to amaze me with their massive, comprehensive collections of all sorts of obscure porn. I just couldn't figure out why P&W weren't taking advantage of the wider exposure and audience that could be garnered from going online- since so many people nowadays just cannot be bothered with actual tangible product and the ordering and buying and waiting for the shipping . . . why not instant downloads?

Well, it's here! Now, with Kink On Demand's new buy-shoots-by-themselves system, you can also buy other movies, like scenes from "The Crash Pad". Yes, you can watch Shawn fuck that insane cumshot right outta Jiz- just click and buy! (And, lest we forget, you can also see so many Crashpadseries.com visitors there, including Shawn domming on Wired Pussy and kicking ass on Ultimate Surrender, Vai bottoming, Dylan abusing boys, and Princess Donna doing a lil' bit of everything!)

I'll also take this moment to be all promotional-y and tell you about "Champion"- it's out! It's here! Oh . . . wait, you don't remember "Champion", despite all my numerous posts? Then just check out the new, updated website!. We can finally order and buy! And Jiz Lee has all sorts of special codes and secrets to get you it cheaper. Gotta love cheating the system!

But seriously. Porn, people. Buy it. Christmas is coming up, after all!

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