Saturday, December 27, 2008

Goodbye, Xtube, Hello Dyketube!

R.I.P. Queerchick.

Well, then. If you haven't already noticed, Queerchick, a.k.a. yours truly, has been kicked off of my favorite adult social networking and video and image sharing site, Xtube. It happened quite out of the blue, too, almost as if planned: finals were finally over, school was let out, and I was gearing up to devote all of this free time to participating more. I adore the site, as I hope is obvious from my various posts about it. So I was reasonably upset as I logged in to see small green font proclaiming me "BANNED". No e-mails telling me of my fate. No explanation, and no opportunity for an appeal. Not that I needed an explanation or chance for appeal; I've known from the start that my existence there was gracious oversight. I blatantly disregarded the rules (that, unless I owned the rights to the material, I could only show 20 seconds of it) and uploaded my own videos. I worked off of my own moral code, one not in line with copyright law but respectful of the production companies I so admire. I explained in my profiles that my intentions were promotional in nature; I wanted to show people that real dyke or real trans porn did exist, and to garner more customers and a bigger audience for these porn companies. I gave credit to the source, places where the product could be bought, and always strove to make my videos little more than teasers, not freebies. And as far as I knew, the efforts were appreciated. Pink & White Productions had their own Xtube profile and befriended me, apparently without a problem of my using some of their material. Ian Sparks of Trannywood Pictures not only had no problem with my videos, but left a comment joking about my choice of clips (of his smiling face rather than his ass dripping lube). And yet still I was removed. I'd experienced it before- not with my profile, but with individual videos being taken off Xtube for violations. I contested a few, but ultimately gave up and let it be; I did not re-upload banned videos. Xtube, like other video sharing sites, has such high traffic that it cannot automatically screen uploaded content, and instead it relies on users to voluntarily report violations. Which means, of course, that all it takes it someone to feel I am abusing the system to report me and get me banned. Add in that Xtube is revamping itself, Xtube 2.0, if you will, and I was certainly due to go quite soon.

When I first discovered my banishment, I immediately started up a new profile, started uploading my videos and requesting all my old friends. Yes, I was pissed and saddened that all of my carefully accumulated favorite images and videos had been wiped away, and my friends, but I would rebuild, better, stronger, faster. Except that . . . half a day later, I was banned yet again. I determined from that moment on to not waste my time and energy creating new profiles only to be torn down. I didn't want to disappoint my many fans, and I knew they weren't to blame, but Xtube was, and is, no longer a viable option for this queer chick.

But now that I'm gone, I feel a little emptiness. So I went out searching for a new site, and I think I've found one that fits most of my criteria. I don't just want to put my videos on any site, like or, not only because you usually have to have a premium membership to upload content, but also because they rarely have resources with which to talk extensively about yourself and network. I want my porn to have a context, a purpose, and I want to communicate what I'm all about, along with making sure it is part of promoting queer indie porn. And the site that I've come to is Dyke Tube.

Dyke Tube does have some pitfalls. Not only is it much smaller and with less traffic and far less user interaction than Xtube, but it is also very restrictive in terms of content. It is meant to feature only women and lesbian content- no men and no man junk, in other words. But it goes even further than that- "Outlying fetishes, while respected, are not permitted here. These fetishes include grossly obese women, overly mature women, transgendered materials, urination/defecation fantasies, etc.". I still don't know exactly what the weight cut-off is . . . would the gorgeous zaftig April Flores be welcome? What is "grossly obese"? And forget it if you're a lesbian of 50 . . . you are far too old for Dyke Tube. Sigh.

But the site still seems like a good basic premise, and it's my new home, for now, at least. I'll be uploading my videos, expanding my profile, and getting to work on spreading the word and turning Dyke Tube into what it seems to want to be- a place "where the girls cum". So get a profile, get active on the forums, and add me as a friend. See you there!

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Jiz Lee said...

Have you considered DigiRomp as a place to post vids? I haven't looked at Jincey's T.O.S., however I'm sure if you talked to her you two could work something out. Just a thought. Real bummer -- it was so exciting to see you (and your vids) on XTube. Do you know that I've heard numerous times online that Xtube has been taken over by teh gays? I know that lots of ftms use the site as well. : /