Monday, June 1, 2009

Teabaggin' Singalong

(Found this one lurking in my "Drafts". Unfortunately I missed out on being all timely and appropriate with the whole conservative tax-protest "Teabag" movement, because I suck. But then again, I think it's ALWAYS a good time for teabagging, and who really wants to sully the good reputation of testicular-facial play with the degrading act of politics? :D).

Dedicated to that fine art of placing the balls on the face. Kinda makes me wish I had a pair of my own, just so I could drape them over someone's forehead. Unfortunately, even though some toys are getting better, I've yet to find some with really realistic balls. I'll just sigh and sing about it, then.

1) Porn star Wolf Hudson, a.k.a. that cutie that keeps showing up all over's various sites, sings this incredibly sway-worthy "I Wanna Tea Bag You" with Funkapatumas.

2) A little late, but an ode to Christmas, teabagging, and violence. What a mix. Too bad it isn't explained exactly how mommy managed to do any teabagging sans testicles. Anyways, here is "I Saw Mommy Teabag Santa Claus", from the Halo video game.

3) Runescape's "Teabag That Ho". A bit repetitive, and doesn't quite make that much sense to me, but I like it nonetheless.

4) I'm still not sure who sings this song. Mr. Mes? Dark Reality? Whoever it is, here's the "T Bag Song".

5) Huckleberry's fun and lively "Teabag Song".

6) And here comes dmbskier7's "Teabagging". Not sure if the song is their own, but the music video's pretty awesome.

7) Asa's "Teabag Song", live. Lol. There are many ways to wake up your children . . . teabagging is not endorsed by Dr. Spock.

8) The Tea Bag Boyz rocking their namesake song, "Tea Bag".

9) I'm not sure if you can make a dirty parody of a song that originally says "Superman that ho", but nonetheless, Trap Squad brings "Tea Bag That Hoe".

10) "The Teabaggin' Blues" by Ronz and the Roadies. I love it!

Go on, go and enjoy the teabaggin'. Sugar and cream [snigger] optional.

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