Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Wishlist

I've known about for a while, but they seriously shocked me recently with their offer of a $1,000 shopping spree giveaway (plus other sundry prizes) for anybody who blogs a $1,000 wishlist of their awesome products. How could I resist? So, without further ado, here's me throwing my hat into the ring with fingers crossed! (And, though the selfish chick inside of me is telling me to shut up and keep our odds good, if you have a blog or forum where you can post, you should enter, too- the rules spell it all out).

1) Bwarm Soy Massage Candle Amber ($27.89). Why I want it: I think this is the coolest innovation I've heard of- you get a romantic scented candle to set the mood, the fun of dripping wax onto your lover, and massage oil all in one product!

2) Fukuoku Five Finger Massage Glove ($58.99). Why I want it: I love using my hands for clitoral stimulation (hence the surprising lack of clitoral vibes on this list), so it seems like the Fukuoku glove is just made for me- vibrating fingertips, without the hassle of big, intrusive finger attachments (especially ones that might not fit chubby fingers)!

3) Lick-A-Lot-A-Puss Restraints ($18.19). Why I want it: I am very curious as to how, exactly, this product actually works (leather grippers?), but if it does, it would be immensely helpful in both cunnilingus and masturbation, since my lips tend to prefer staying shut when I want them spread wide open.

4) Anal Mini Tongue Vibrator ($51.49). Why I want it: I am constantly on the lookout for anal vibrators that do something less like buzzing and more like what your lover's skilled fingers/tongue do, and this toy fits the bill, swivelling round to tease and open you up, not just shake inside your tush.

5) Liquid Silk Personal Lubricant 250 ml ($26.19). Why I want it: I keep on hearing wonderful things about Liquid Silk (no sticky residue!), but one of the coolest thing about it is that it is one of the few lubes on with that great pump dispenser, so you don't have to make your bottle slippery in trying to get some more!

6) PulsaBath (Purple) ($17.49). Why I want it: Jerking off in the tub is difficult for me at the best of times (the water washes away any natural lubrication), but I think this toy could fix that- a soft, spongy waterpoof vibrator that I could comfortably hold in place with my thighs for some hands-free stimulation, perhaps while reading an erotic book . . .

7) Inflatable Black Stud ($25.89). Why I want it: I always dread the idea of purchasing a new, bigger toy, fearing that it'll end up being too big for me and a waste of money- but this toy easily fixes that, by letting you pump it to new sizes while inside you.

8) Triple Spoiler Blue ($30.89). Why I want it: This toy is so cool to me simply because it's really three toys in one- beads and a large and slender dildo- that would easily allow me to switch between sensations and sizes without digging through the toy box, enjoy switching between anal and vaginal penetration without juggling toys or using condoms, and maybe even adding in some double penetration action, if I'm so inclined!

9) Heart Shape Breast Massager ($32.19). Why I want it: Usually, anything that vibrates on the nipples is long, tubular, and bulky (i.e. unattractive), not to mention pinchy-clampy; these caught my eye not only because they're *so* pretty (like cute pink pasties), but because they claim to provide less of an "Ouch!" feeling, and more of a "Oooh." one.

10) Nexus Gyro Purple Male Prostate Massager ($103.99). Why I want it: I have a secret . . . I often co-opt men's prostate toys for vaginal fun (really, the parts are all pretty analogous anyways), and this one looks stupendous, with its rock-back-and-forth-for-extra-stimulation possibilities.

11) Sassy Bendi Pacifier Blue Butt Plug ($14.89). Why I want it: Quite frankly, I just love the way this toy looks (what a pretty blue!) and how I imagine it'd feel as I walked around doing daily chores wearing it, all soft and bendable for my delicate booty.

12) Dildo Boro Glass Sleek Wand Clear Pink ($45.49). Why I want it: I've long wanted a glass dildo (for its heaviness, slickness, and ability for temperature play), and this one has the added benefit of being slightly curved (great for both easier use on the ol' wrists, as well as hitting those special spots inside), having a G-spot stimulating head and some bloops on the other end for a different feel.

13) Brand Spankin' Toy Cleaner 4 oz. ($12.19). Why I want it: I am often too lazy to get out of bed post-orgasm to clean my toys, and I imagine this spray would help me be a lot more hygienic!

14) Black Velvet 6.5 Inch Curved Dildo ($21.49). Why I want it: First off, I can't believe there are four pretty black waterpoof vibrators for $20, and secondly, I am really intrigued by the soft Velvet Touch material it's made out of- sounds luxurious and like something I definitely want to rub all over myself (not something I'm a fan of doing with my silicone dildos, for sure).

15) Weighted Orgasm Balls- Metallic ($18.89). Why I want them: Simple, elegant, weighted Ben Wa balls always make me feel like I'm undertaking some sort of sexy ancient Chinese ritual . . . while exercising my vaginal muscles!

16) Feeldoe More Double Ended Dong ($122.99). Why I want it: The Feeldoe has always been at the top of my list for things to try, because I hate messing with harnesses and shudder at the idea of those ugly, long, floppy "double headers".

17) Eyelash Spike Goggles ($53.89). Why I want them: I have never seen a blindfold that is hard and looks like a pair of goggles, and all of the sudden I'm wondering why, because these look freakin' badass, all kinky and steampunk rolled into one.

18) Platinum Jack Rabbit Gold ($69.89). Why I want it: It's got 7 functions, 6 speeds, and oh, did I mention that it's gold?

19) Japanese Bondage Rope Black ($16.19). Why I want it: I love the fact that it's long (because who can do any decent ties with ten feet?) and that it comes with a knot instruction brochure for those of us who might be beginners.

20) Silicone Flexi-Power Rod ($33.49). Why I want it: I think flexibility is really important in anal toys- not only because they minimize the chance of damage, but also because it sucks to have to contort yourself into weird positions just to masturbate, and I imagine I could have tons of fun with this one while even on my back (hard to do with a straight, rigid toy!).

21) Maximus Personal Lubricant 250 Ml ($26.19). Why I want it: Maximus is pretty much Liquid Silk for butt sex, and it has that aforementioned awesome pump dispenser that I love so much.

22) Thigh Harness Strap-On Harness ($25.89). Why I want it: Ever since I saw this used in the porn flick "Coming Home", I've wanted it- I mean, how cool is this nifty little device that lets you fuck someone with your thigh?

23) Pink Dildo W/ Suction Cup 8 Inches ($32.19). Why I want it: Suction cup dildos rock- you can stick 'em anywhere and enjoy hands-free fucking, not to mention that the pink color of this one makes me feel all nostalgic about my first dildo.

24) Glow In The Dark Kit ($22.19). Why I want it: Me + a pitch-black room + maybe a bit of alcohol + these cool glow-in-the-dark toys + mirror = trippy fun (also cool is the fact that there are two sleeves, which diversifies my sex toys and makes them all potentially glow-in-the-dark!).

25) Wet Look Lingerie Soft Sexy Gloves ($30.49). Why I want them: No big explanation here- they simply look fucking sexy.

26) Tantus Silicone Echo Purple ($50.49). Why I want it: This is the perfect simple silicone dildo to use with my thigh harness!

And that leaves me with a total of $990.04! Here's hoping I win!

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