Saturday, June 6, 2009

Shit That Makes Me Angry

If I come across something I find upsetting, I usually try to give it a few days to percolate in my brain, so I can revisit it with more than raw emotion, and actually inject some insight into it.

But right now, I just don't want to do that. I came across an individual on Yahoo! Answers who has me incredibly angry by her questions. Her profile states:

"I support mainstream folks, even those with the birth defect of Harry Benjamin Syndrome). I do not support alternative sexuality. ♀♂

Despite what gay and crossdressing men on here are saying, as well as other HBS-phobes, HBS is not TG. TG is chosen/acquired, HBS is a medical condition. We are prepared to fight to have our OWN community. I am a part of the HBS+mainstream community, and I will do whatever it takes to create a community for women like me that is not considered a part of the TG nor LGBT communities. The TS community started with Christine Jorgensen, while its enemies, the TG community, was started by a married crossdresser and some violent terrorists who attacked police officers.

All we with HBS want is to have our OWN community and have nobody speaking for us. It is arrogant that the LGBT tries to "help" us without our permission. Why help NORMAL women with a medical difference? We don't want nor need their help. They have NO right to try to help us."

That sort of shit makes me angry. That's all. Maybe I'll come back to this in a little while and write a grander, more explanatory post. But right now, I just wanted to post this.


  1. learn something new every day huh?
    had no clue about HBS

  2. I first ran into this poster on YA 2 yrs ago. She's still spouting her hateful bull? UGH. Disgusting.