Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sexy Specs: Guys In Glasses Picspam

I find it ridiculously sad that while glasses have gotten deserved loving in porn when girls are wearing them, the same is not true for the boys- not in straight porn (expected), but also neither in gay porn. Granted, I love a girl in glasses . . . but I also love a guy in them, too.

In fact, I couldn't put my finger on what it was about this clip for the longest time, but I knew that it instantly caught my eye and kept me captivated. And then I realized it was that freakin' hottie in the glasses, definitely a rare sight outside of amateur porn. And when he took the glasses off at the end, magically, all interest disappeared (as it did when seeing pictures of said fella, Ben Andrews, without them). Despite the fact that the idea to put him in glasses in the film at all was because people kept complimenting him on them, he only wears them for one scene and appears on the DVD cover sans specs- surely a sign of gay porn's four-eye prejudice!

So behind the cut, without further ado, is an entire wall of sexy (read: provocative or nude!) boys in glasses picspam just for you (and for me, too). It was difficult collecting and gathering them, but I managed to hit most bases, I think- skinny twinks, sexy nerds, muscle men, the Clark Kents, a couple of bears, and a few (but not enough) guys of color. I've linked to their sources when possible, so click if they're clickable, and most of all, enjoy!

Left above: Photo credit: turntable breastplate via fayde2memory


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  2. Hey, I just found your article. I wanted to say that I agree with you 100% in being disappointed when actors/actresses only wear "their" glasses for a few minutes during the video. Anyway, thanks for the link to my site.

  3. Love your post and was happy to see a few guys I know in there...

    Hope you don't mind a NSFW link, but since your post was full of cock shots I thought it would be ok!

    Totally hot nerd porn. It doesn't happen often, but I had to share.

  4. you used a pic. that i took of my friend and didn't give credit. you either need to remove it from your post or link back to me. my image is the black and white of the guy with 45 adapter pasties. link back to

  5. I'm so sorry about that, Alexandra- I had collected a big bunch of pictures at one point in time and when I made this post, I didn't know any of their sources. I've added credit and a link back to you and your lovely work. Again, you have my sincere apologies.