Sunday, May 31, 2009

Dudes With Boobs

Yeah, it's a post about guys with boobs, as says the title. And no, it's not about gynecomastia. If you're curious, jump on in.

I always feel a little guilty and wrong by the fact that I get so turned on by the idea of men with breasts (a.k.a. actual female breasts, not manboobs). It's just rather difficult, given that they either don't exist on non-trans men, or they are hated body parts for transmen (and I hate to objectify trans bodies, especially focusing on a body part for which they want the least attention).

And yet, nonetheless, I am drawn to the idea of a guy with breasts, regardless of what he's got going on down below his belt buckle. Not a transgirl, but a guy. And sure, butch girls will do in a pinch, as will the rare non-top-surgery FtM who's okay with his chest (Ian Foxe of Trannywood Pictures fame comes to mind, and has discussed his chest and the not-so-kind reactions it's gotten here). But they're pretty rare, and a butch girl is a girl, after all, not a guy.

It does tend to make me think a bit critically when it comes to trans admiration/fetishization . . . the whole "shemale" phenomenon is a porn creation that rarely resembles real-life transwomen, and yet even the FtM equivalent in Buck Angel is not exactly the same, given the way testosterone changes one's genitals. Buck may bill himself as as a man with a pussy, but he isn't, not quite- he's a man with a transguy's vagina. And while estrogen does change the appearance and functioning of transwomen's penises, it's possible to present as fully female without the help of hormones- something a lot harder to do when one is FtM (i.e. no beard). I guess what I'm trying to say is that fetishizing transmen never feels like loving "dudes with vaginas"- it feels like a new attraction to transguy's front hole, in a way that enjoying T-girls in porn simply isn't. I don't know- I guess all I'm saying is that it seems a bit disappointing to me that when one of the joys of trans-admiration is beautiful gender-bending, boundary-crossing bodies, that there aren't really any guys with boobs.

I feel like the fictional character in this episode of Nip/Tuck- her husband got breast implants for a book deal and later she found she "couldn't keep her hands off them". I don't exactly get hot over J.K. Simmons, but I can't help but sympathize. A man with breasts is just a sexy idea for me.

The silliest part of this whole post is that what actually got me thinking of it was an episode of American Dad, of all things- where the boys took some steroids that made them grow some rather fabulous cartoon ta-tas:

Silly, eh? But it's true, and I have been wanting to write a blog for a while about how I lust after a sort of genderbending that doesn't really exist, so it gave me the perfect reminder and prompt.

Am I alone? Any other girls (or guys) ever think a boy with some blouse bunnies might be kind of hot?


  1. go to to see Lincoln Theo -- a man with brest implants, a beard, tattoos and piercings -- very hot!!

  2. yep, is the site, but that's not his name...

  3. Here's a picture of Lincoln Theo, now Nic Theo:

  4. and here's another: