Thursday, July 31, 2008

Luxe: Expensive Porn Makes Me Swoon

I am by no means a girl of extravagant tastes. More often than not, I am a cheapskate- $3 bottles of wine (hey, it's sweet and does the trick!), $10 haircuts, that sort of thing. I usually scoff at people who are preoccupied with how much they paid for the things they own and who tote and wear products solely for the well-understood price tag that goes with the brand name.

And yet, against all logic, I love porn that looks expensive.

Teaser 5 Sensual Stories by Erika Lust
Uploaded by lustfilms

Luxurious. Naked bodies swaddled in mink, warm mahogany-panelled, fireplace-lit dungeons that are a far cry from the cold and barren cement rooms that usually house BDSM porn, sparkling cinematography that rivals Amelie. It's not that the porn needs to be expensive- it might as well have been shot on a shoestring budget. But that look and feel- the hardcore scene so cinematically sensual that it could follow seamlessly after the nude sketch scene from Titanic. It's a combination of content and cinematography- when there's a certain type of timeless beauty, gorgeous settings, perfect lighting, lovely costumery (if any), tasteful music, and really, really high-quality cameras and equipment. I love and enjoy my handheld-camera, shot-in-a-hotel-room look porn, too- if the content makes up for it. But I still long for that luxurious, expensive feel in my porn.

Click below for the preview of
Petra Joy's "Female Fantasies"

It's interesting, too- it seems like the folks who express this sort of aesthetic often share my same sentiments- their porn is trying to reach people on another level- it's about artistry, sex positivity, women's empowerment. Folks like Erika Lust and Lust Films, Shine Louise Houston and Pink & White Productions (who, by the way, just got some new equipment and says she finally feels "like I've produced something beautiful." . . . though c'mon, Shine, your other films weren't gorgeous?), Petra Joy and Strawberry Seductress. Their porn is drastically different than other porn out there, and while a good deal of what I'm drawn to is the fabulous cinematographic quality, it's not just the HD crystal-clear picture. It's eroticism blended with true sensuality, captured by an artist; it's a visual feast for your eyes. And it looks fucking beautiful.

Click below to see the short erotic film "French
Maid" from Coco de Mer.

For far too long, photographers have been given free license to make stunning erotica (I'm sorry, I mean, studies of artistic nudes), but people have drawn the line at video- as if you can take a picture of a naked woman with either a kodak in your basement or with a 35 millimeter camera in your studio, but when it comes down to filming her get her freak on, all possibilities of making art go out the window, replaced by the need for a money shot.

It's about time that porn started to get back some of its glamour, without having to sacrifice it all to become cheesy "softcore" that most people mock for its so-called pretentiousness ("everyone knows its just whack-off material"). Instead of trying to draw the line between art and porn- how about combining the two for the most beautiful and inspiring possibilities?

I just adore watching the artsy, avant-garde, take-me-back-in-time, Hollywood glamour and elegance and sensuality that seem to come from commercials for ultra-hip and quite expensive brands . . . particularly when they toss in a homoerotic subtext and delicious gender-bending with it. Could you imagine if the following commercials kept on going, into the realm of porn- that boy in girl drag and girl in boy drag having a pervy tryst, the lesbians adding more scratches to that back, and the sailor "boi" playing gay men with her lover. Umm. I think I'll take some time to myself.

Paul Gaultier's Le Rendez-Vous

Campari Red Passion

Campari Red's The Secret

So, honestly. I'm looking forward to more porn that looks like, well, a million bucks. Perhaps my standards are too high- particularly in a porn world that generally ignores the content I find sexy and even then, considers style secondary, if important at all. But I believe that there are gems hidden here and there- the kind of porn that lights my artistic inner romantic as well as my loins.
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Good Things Come In 3's

I'm back from Japan and ready to write some more blogs (hopefully more frequently, too), at least until school sets in and I start seriously applying for the JET Program once the application goes live in September. Then, you'll be lucky to get a blog or two out of me a month.

But until then, click below to read all about it!

So, what about that title? That's right, I have 3 great pieces of news, so here goes:

1) is back up! Well, quite honestly, it's been up for a while- I just haven't been blogging enough to write it down. But it's still pretty brand smackin' new, and it features a new layout that I'm [frankly] still getting used to (I'm quite resistant to change, if you didn't already know). And almost all of the threads from the forum have disappeared (including the beloved "Brainstorm Your Own Crash Pad Plots" that I started and contributed to heavily . . . sadness!). And there are still a lot of bugs to be worked out of the system, fixes to be made and all that. Suffice to say, she's not exactly perfect as of yet. But she's back, and that's what matters most. Hello, hot, pervy, queer sex shot in classic Pink & White Productions style!

2) Bren Ryder's been busy! Here I was a little peeved that she had given up regular updates and tried to explain it all away in a non-apologetic form in her blog. Then she not only makes up for it with a new and improved webpage design (has the Crash Pad Series' redecorating inspired everyone?) and new updates, but I visit back and am greeted with a real, honest-to-goodness DVD- yes, a DVD! Following again in's footsteps (or was this just sheer coincidence?), the DVD is essentially just a tangible compilation of scenes that have appeared on the website, but I still think it's a gigantic step. Anybody with a little know-how can start up a pornographic website; producing a video is an entirely different ballpark. Congrats, Bren! So go, browse around, watch new scenes (bound to be controversial and inspire some talk), and buy the DVD from Good For Her!

3) Tony Comstock of Comstock Films mentioned in his blog that their new film, "Bill and Desiree: Love Is Timeless" is coming out soon! I'm super excited for a couple of reasons: slow and steady is the name of their game, and unlike other companies who come out with a movie every year or so, it seems they've been stuck at "Ashley and Kisha: Finding The Right Fit" for forever. So a new video is great. Plus the couple is wonderfully surprising- older, older even than Matt and Khym, and they both look lovely (particularly Desiree . . . who, at least from the picture on the cover, looks like she'll have an elegant grace and truly sensual warmth). But the thing about this that gets me the most excited is that it puts us one film closer to Brett and Melanie! Ashley and Kisha were a wonderful lesbian pair, but Brett and Melanie have a distinctly queer edge that Comstock's films haven't had yet. I mean, just read the promo: A classic story of: boi meets (high femme) girl; boi wears big, black, strap-on; boi and girl share a spirited romp with their toys and each other. Wait, you mean you don't know that story? Trust us, it's a good one! I trust you, Tony. Oh yes indeed, I trust you. I'm such a fan of Tony's docu-porno style, and the only other I've seen like it with a queer focus was Morty Diamond's "Trans Entities: The Nasty Love Of Papi and Wil", which left a little something lacking in polish and production values.

So there it is, three bits of wonderful news. I'm sure there are more out there, too! In the meantime, celebrate!

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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Crush Feed

Name: Candye Kane
Site: Candye Kane
Fansite: Joe's Candye Kane Website
Watch Her Fuck: Her Profile, At Hot Movies For Her
Listen To Her Sing:
Read Her Blog: Candye Kane Blog
For Fans: Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter
Dating: Not sure . . . she's still friendly with ex-husband Thomas and is openly bisexual. It certainly couldn't hurt to wink at her and see what happens!
Why I'm Crushing: I'm not quite sure how I stumbled over Candye Kane, but I instantly fell in love from her description- a sex-positive champion for GLBT rights, sex workers, fat girls everywhere . . . sex-positive, and a former BBW porn star, to boot! And on top of all that, she's got on helluva set of vocal chords on her (what? did you think I was going to mention her boobs? Because, yes, she has a helluva set of those, too). Everything about her is incredibly admirable and irresistibly sexy! Part of what I love so much about her is how she hasn't tried to distance herself from porn as if it were something shameful, nor tried to exploit it for shock value. It's just one part of who she is, cool but not big news, and certainly nothing to overshadow her awesome singing career. Her name is the same, and her website proudly proclaims her as a stripper, porn star, and sex activist. Add in the fact that she's utterly gorgeous and I'm swooning- and then the fact that she's a survivor of pancreatic cancer- which, incidentally, made her as thin as she is now (just in case you were ready to complain about selling out)- and I want to just bask in her presence, talk to her, get to know this incredible woman.

Name: Russell Brand
Nicknames: Bitch Boy ;)
Site: Russell Brand TV
Watch Him: His IMDB Profile
Listen To Him Talk: His BBC Radio Show
Listen To Him Sing: As Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Aldous Snow and band Infant Sorrow
Read Him: His Books and Collected Articles
For Fans: Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter,
Dating: Not sure? Consider him open game, ladies! And men- you can try, but he's adamant he's straight, unless you're Daniel Craig
Read/Write Dirty Gay Stories About Him: russell et al., The Russell Brand Radio Based Slash Emporium
Why I'm Crushing: Russell Brand is my type of hot. In a time when the Sexiest Man Of The Year is Hugh Jackman- clean-cut, buff and muscled, decked out in classy Burberry tuxes and ever the gentleman- Russell is like the cure for my ills. With his scruffy facial hair and wild 'do ("without fame, this haircut just looks like mental illness"), black eyeliner, a clothing style that is a mix of pirate, rock star, and Victorian dandy ("an S/M Willy Wonka"), admitted status as a beta male, and an attitude dripping of sex and controversy, he has me swooning. But it's not just his looks- there is something about Russell Brand that is utterly refreshing and charming. He has an almost childlike energy- infectious, delighted, and more than a little bit mischievous- mixed in with something intensely adult, cocky and Puckish. His comedy and his writing is witty, satirical, and smart- the thing that sealed the deal for me. The raw sexuality pouring out of him is intelligent and self-aware; I adore him for doing something few would dare- incurring the wrath of millions of fans by criticizing the Jonas Brothers and their purity rings. A better question might be "Why wouldn't I be crushing?".

Name: Pauley Perrette
Nickname: "P"
Site: Her IMDB Profile
Blogs: Pauley Perrette Hearts Obama, No On Prop 8, Pauley Leaves, Pauley P
Watch Her: Filmography, Youtube
Hear Her: Lo-Ball, Stop Making Friends
For Fans: Myspace Fan Page
Dating: She's engaged! Good for her, sad for us.
Why I'm Crushing: Every once in a while, I'd flip past some CSI show and catch a glimpse of a delicious Goth girl who was completely infuriating simply because I knew I'd seen her before somewhere. (Turns out I was remembering her from a 4-episode stint on "Drew Carey"). But when I finally got a name, she turned out to be much, much more interesting. Pauley's proud No On 8 stance is (was?) awesome, and even more so as a vocal Christian. Her passion is contagious, whether it's charity, civil rights, Obama, or forensic science. Her music rocks hardcore (I'm listening to "Angry" on repeat . . .). And she comes across as funny, sweet, and very down-to-earth. Not to mention that her raspy, throaty voice is pretty damn sexy, to go along with her beautiful smile, entrancing eyes, and overall super smexiness. (She also totally rocks teh bald). Ooh, crushalicious. I might have to start watching NCSI.

Name: Erin Judge
Site: Erin Judge: On Being Unfunny
Watch Her: Live At Gotham
Watch Her Some More: Her Youtube Channel
Blog: so make it up
For Fans: Befriend her on Myspace or Facebook!
Dating: She's taken. Wedding ring and all.
Why I'm Crushing: She first captured my attention in a Youtube video of bisexual comedians, not only because of her swinging both ways, but her witty comedy, at once simple and yet laugh-out-loud good. She comes across as just wonderfully smart and funny, the kind of gal I'd like to hang out with. Of course, it doesn't hurt that she's really easy on the eyes- a girl with a little bit of meat on her bones and a lovely mane of red tresses, along with a cheeky, cute smile. Not to mention that she tells it like it is in her blog, offering up great, smart political and cultural criticism. I want to invite her to my college to do some comedy or perform her play The Meaning Of Wife!

Anyways, she's yummy and, like all my crushes, I can't stop thinking about her!

Name: Mandy Mitchell
Other Appearances: TSSeduction, Shemale Strokers, Shemaleyum
DVD's: Shemale Strokers 24, Transsexual Cheerleaders, New Oregon T-Girls Strokin' It, She-Male Strokers 31, Bang My Tranny Ass 2
Blog: Mandytgirl's Blog
For Fans: Mandy's Yahoo Group
Dating: Escort Page
Why I'm Crushing: Just look at her! In a time when the majority of T-girls are deeply tanned, silicone-stuffed, and surgically enhanced, here comes this beautiful, slender, incredibly leggy sylph with natural breasts, a fine, feminine face, and a big, beautiful smile. Not to mention that she has a real sweet, genuine air about her- the Tgirl next door! Add in her bi/pansexuality, the really cool and similarly queer folks she finds to fuck, her love of kinky BDSM, and the sex-positivity that radiates out from her blog . . . I think I'm in love!
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Saturday, July 12, 2008


I'm just lolling around here on a lazy Sunday, no real desire to do anything productive and much more of a desire to waste time on the Internet.

So here are a few updates from my life, the Internet, and even just random junk.

I'm still here in Japan, taking part in a TESOL (that's Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, for all you normal folks) program at my favorite university, Tokiwa Daigaku. Going wonderfully, as usual- busy, having fun, occasionally hung-over. I swear, while I do like my regular glass of wine, I never drink as much at home as I do in Japan. It must be something about those nomihoudai's (a flat fee for 2 hours of all-the-alcohol-you-can-drink . . . can you imagine how Americans would abuse that system!?!) and every friend I made and teacher I knew last year inviting me out to go do something. My wallet is stretched to its limit, but I've been able to go a little farther thanks to the generosity of some very kind people. Thanks, guys.

On a different and more genderqueer-y note, I found out how to write my (real) name in kanji. Sorry, folks, but Gwen is only a pseudonym. And while I'd like to maintain web anonymity, the ancient Chinese character coincidences are just too cool to not mention. My real name, like that of most foreigners, has all of those pesky sounds which they can now deal with but just weren't equipped for back in the day when kanji were drifting from the Chinese mainland to the land of the rising sun. So while I can write the hard "D" sound at the end of Candy with katakana (キャンディ), no kanji exists to express that sound. If I want to use kanji, I need my whole name, Candice, and I change the pronunciation to "day", closer to its real sound instead of the spelling. Anyways, this is just background for those who don't know how to switch borrowed English into Japanese. But with the help of some Japanese friends and electronic dictionaries, whe found some kanji that works to represent my name. Interestingly enough, there's only one kanji for the sound of the first syllable of my name (kyan), and I was amazed to find that the meaning is something roughly akin to tomboy.

How cool is that? Add in the "de" and "su" sounds that complete the Japanese version of "Candice", and the result is very interesting. There are tons of kanji for each of these sounds, respectively, but my buddies chose 出 and 州, the former which means "exit, leaving" and the latter "state". Okay, so "state" in this case refers more to a concrete demarcated land area, like the 50 American states or Japanese prefectures, but I like to be more whimsical, and call it a state as in a state of mind. If you combine all three of these, then, you get a few interesting readings. It might be leaving the state of tomboyishness- a representation of my leaving androgyny and tomboy genderqueerness to seek out my inner queer femme (as I have lately been longing to do, in a safe space)? Or is it more like I'm leaving my normal state to seek out more tomboyishness, to the point of drag and purposeful genderbending? Either way, I'm thrilled at the fact that my name isn't something trite and silly- no "beautiful child" like is so common here. It's rare and strange, just like me, 侠出州.

In other news that isn't all about me . . .

1) is up! Members Pages are now available, which means you can participate in the forum with other hot bois and lovers of bois, and interact in a multitude of ways. Good job,, and we look forward to more!

2) Do you belief in that old superstition about someone dying for every new child that is born? Well, it isn't that serious, but just as has been birthed, is a little bit ill. She isn't dying- no way, Jose- because you can't kill something so successful and loved with such a talented and determined team behind it. But for the moment, the site is down due to its web hosting service. No more forum. No more hot sex. Just a holding page that is as depressing and yet hopeful as the old-fashioned rainbow "Technical Difficulties" that used to appear on TV's- you kept watching hoping it would disappear and the good stuff would come back. Hopefully things get remedied soon. Good luck, Crash Pad, and looking forward to your return.

That's all for now, I guess, since my brain has gone on strike until my stomach gets the late lunch it is demanding. Bye, all!

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