Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Oh, Google . . .

Oh, silly, silly Google. Thanks for trying, but no, I didn't type it wrong. I was looking for "sexy butches". Believe me, if I were looking for "sexy bitches", I'd have bigger problems than typos and bad spelling.

In other news, I just learned how to take an Internet screenshot! Lol. Cool, eh? I was surprised at how simple it was. And here I thought it was ancient magic of the HTML wizards. Turns out to be as easy as pushing a button. Ah, the things blogging has taught me.

Also, since I'm on the topic of random Internet searches (reason: it is 5:00 a.m. and I cannot sleep, hence the random Internet searches and sexy, psuedo-pornish netsurfing), this has got to be the most depressing thing ever. Okay, so nobody I know is using the phrase "guys with pies" to refer to transmen, except for Dan Savage. That's okay; for some reason, it never caught on like "chicks with dicks", despite its poetic rhyme (maybe because nobody, male or female, has ever referred to their own vagina as "pie"?). And yet, if I Google "guys with pies" and get in the top results a website telling me "WARNING! This website contains graphic images of a controversial nature.", you know what I'm going to think. The drool is already on the keyboard. I'm racking my brain wondering how I managed to miss out on an FtM porn site. And then- click!- and it's all a horrible joke. It's just . . . . guys . . . with pies. And they're not even naked and smeared with chocolate cream filling. Not funny, Huffington Post, not by a long shot. Nobody's laughing here!

Okay. Really must go to bed now.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

First You Apply Suction To The Pussy . . .

No, it's not what it sounds like. I just like deliciously deviant and misleading titles. This ain't a review of some ill-schemed clitoral pump, thank goodness.

It may be worse.

We, um, vacuumed the cat. And by "we", I mean my father. By "cat" I mean our household feline and resident shedding creature Butterscotch. And by "vacuum", well, it means exactly what it says.

It all started when I was petting the cat, fur was floating everywhere, I was admonished to stop making such a mess, and I innocently wondered aloud "Wouldn't it be great if we could vacuum the cat?".

Next thing you know, we've got out the little mini-vac with its attached hose, my dad is nursing scratch-and-bite wounds, and the cat is clinging fearfully to the door.

On the second pass, during which we tried to better acclimate the cat to the sound and feel of the vacuum, she gets a little more relaxed, or at least gives up thoughts of fleeing, and just sits there, irritated, getting vacuumed. Near the end, we even manage to find one of her "spots" near her neck and she is actually loving and leaning into the vacuum.

In the end, I actually think we got a lot of her loose and shedding hair, which is a blessing what with our dark carpets and all. This is a mostly meaningless blog . . . I just wrote it because I can't believe we vacuumed the cat.
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Unfairly Villainized? (Or: My Most Controversial Blog Ever)

Note: there may be offensive content ahead. Nobody ever accused me of being politically correct or shy about flirting with controversy! Also, a good deal of the thought processes in this blog were influenced by Judith Levine's book "Harmful To Minors: The Perils Of Protecting Children From Sex".

I always get a little suspicious whenever an individual or a group of people receive almost unanimous hatred and condemnation and nobody seems to want to discuss the issue whatsoever, at all. To me, it speaks more about our own discomforts, psychological hang-ups, and tendencies towards mass hysteria than about the presumed evilness of said person(s) or groups. It's certainly possible, after all, to appropriately condemn something even as you discuss and debate it and take a look at both sides.

That's why I get so upset about the hubub about pedophilic erotica.

I have always been, and I know that I will always continue to be, against the practice of sexual relationships between pre-pubescent children and post-pubescent individuals. I would say simply that I am "against pedophilia", but I in fact have no problem with pedophilia itself, that is, with the sexual attraction to pre-pubescent children. Whereas many people hate any and all things related to pedophilia, I find only offensive pedophilic actions.

And why is that? In evaluating anything, there must be a reason for the final evaluation, and it must be logical. How do we measure "wrong" and "right"? I don't know about others' moralities, but I define that which is wrong as violating the rights of others (to life, liberty, property, and equal treatment under the law) and enacts force against another, or causes non-consensual bodily harm. I do not define "wrong" in terms of "unnatural", "disgusting", "against God", or anything like that. And so when I look at pedophilia, like when I look at any issue, I wipe my mind of societal viewpoints, biased opinions and prejudiced judgements, and instead evaluate it on my own terms. Why might pedophilia be wrong? Well, it certainly doesn't take away life, property, or equal treatment under the law. In many cases it doesn't cause non-consensual bodily harm. Does it enact force against another? Well, that's an interesting question. "Force" implies non-consent. What does it require to give consent? One must be in good mental health, obviously. But can we say that children can give consent? As they are often lacking in fully developed/matured reasoning skills and necessary world information, we might say that they are not prepared to make educated decisions or be free from coercion, and that therefore any consent that they give is dubious. When, exactly, though, do children or adolescents suddenly gain this knowledge and these abilities? The law may designate it as 18 years of age, but the law is arbitrary- have there been any studies to show that at 18 years the brain suddenly springs into an "adult mode" of thinking? (No, as far as I know, it does not). So that question remains- and continues to plague- those of us who instinctively know in our hearts that willful sex between a 17 and an 18 year-old is not statutory rape. But that aside, we all know and understand that pre-pubescent children are certainly unable to give real consent. And that, in a nutshell, is what makes performing the act of pedophilia morally wrong.

Fantasizing about pre-pubescent children may be statistically rare and therefore raises our heckles, suggesting loaded words like "deviant", "perverted", and "sick". But unlike the actual act itself, fantasies do not even involve children or anybody else. So why does it get such a bum rap?

I recently submitted this Myspace blog as its own article to my Literotica.com account, and found that it had been rejected- on the basis of showing a sexual relationship featuring underage participants. Well, that was news to me. I took a look back at the piece and realized the only thing they must have been glomming onto was my description of the completely scientifically observed fact that female fetuses at 32 weeks have been seen touching their vulvas. Child porn, this is not.

It was a bit of a wake-up call to me. What would cause sensible folks to suggest that this was underage erotica and worthy of being banned as prohibited content? Is Literotica simply covering its bases in terms of offensive content, the literature that depicts illegal and immoral acts?

Well, no. Literotica has a healthy and thriving section dedicated to "Non-Consent/Reluctance". Last time I checked, rape and non-consensual molestation were neither legal and most certainly not morally upstanding. So why exactly is that allowed on Literotica, but pedophilia is not? Why do we have these knee-jerk reactions to pedophilic fantasies, deeming anyone who has one to be sick and disgusting and a pedophile, whereas we are quick to reassure slightly guilty men and women that rape fantasies are healthy and normal and don't necessarily mean the person wants violent sex in real life?

It's a lot of things, really- time and the dictates of society whitewash the realities of childhood sexuality into an idealized golden time that never truly existed, where children don't explore their budding bodies with games of doctor and don't practice kissing in slumber parties and don't masturbate. It's become quite politically incorrect to even admit that childhood is just as sexually complex- if not explicitly so- as adulthood. Just take a look at Jocelyn Elders- shunned for saying that masturbation for young folks might be a good thing. Sensationalist media promote this innocent-child Shangri-la and then exploit parents' deepest fears about abduction and molestation of their children, that we can no longer think about pedophilia, and by extension pedophilic erotica and virtual/CG/animated pornography- in a logical way.

I cannot find anything sexually arousing about pre-pubescent children- their undeveloped bodies hold no erotic appeal and I'd much rather be with someone of my own age, with whom I have things in common and can relate to. But I maintain that the veritable witch-hunt against pedophilia in erotica is the product of gut-instinctual, hysterical, and irrational fears- it is neither principled nor reasonable.

So that's it for today. Literotica has deemed my writing to be underage sex written for erotic purposes even though it is not . . . or if it is, all studies on and published survey results of teen sex rates are also sexy pedophilic literature. The more I look around- not only in sex-related issues but political and social and educational and every other issue as well- people seem to be thinking less and relying on prevailing attitudes, political climates, traditional mores and social dictates, and their own [often irrational] fears to guide their judgements.

And that makes me worry.

EDIT, 5/18/08: Interestingly enough, I just read
this news article, as linked from Literotica's adult headlines section. Funny how the exact things you're talking about seem to crop up, eh? Anyways, for those too lazy to click and read, Karen Fletcher wrote and posted her own erotic stories about children on a members-only website that she owns . . . and she's undergoing an obscenities trial brought by U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan, because " . . . material like Ms. Fletcher's could embolden a person to commit sex crimes on children.". Once again, I'm brought to the same conclusion- where are the prosecutions on writers of texts that portray, say, rape and torture, and could similarly "embolden" people to rape and torture others? At this point in time, I'm not even that upset about the concept that erotica and pornography can incite others to mimick it (although it is a pet peeve of mine)- no, all I'm looking for right now to soothe my soul is a little consistency. At least the Brits have a consistent, if ridiculous and antiquated, view of sex.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm So Excited! (And I Just Can't Hide It!)

Yes, and I may just lose control. What's making me so crazy? Here are a list of things I'm looking forward to:

1) Japan

Right now I've got the possibility to return for a month to Japan to do a TESOL program at the same university I was at last semester. Getting to see old friends, be back in Japan . . . I'm crossing my fingers. I find out Friday- wish me luck!

2) No Fauxxx Roulette

Okay, so I can't find any information on this supposedly up-coming debut full-length feature porn film from artistic pansexual and genderqueer erotic site No Fauxxx, except for tantalizing teases of my fave pornstar Jiz Lee saying she'll be in it, or Myspace bulletin board pleas for bands interested in a musical benefit to raise funds for the movie. And yet I know that the fanastic Ms. Trouble Royalle is busy working on it, and I'm thrilled, particularly because the site has tantalizing pictures, but only a handful of frustratingly short videos hinting at how talented she might be with some real professional equipment. Oh, when, oh, when will it come out?

3) Champion: The Movie

I'm enamored with Pink & White's Crash Pad Series, everyone knows it. But I still miss the days when they were coming out with feature films, and luckily those days aren't over- because they have a new movie coming out, starring all of my favorite familiar faces (Jiz, Shawn, Dallas, Javier), and what's more, what looks to be a killer plot that'd even give "Million Dollar Baby" a run for it's money (if, you know, "Million Dollar Baby" had no Clint Eastwood and tons of hot queer sex instead). Champion: The Movie looks to be fantastic!

4) Tranny McGuyver: The Movie!

Ever since I first Youtube searched Willam Belli (and take care, folks, that's will-uhm bell-eye) in search of other works by the gorgeous and talented individual who played Nip/Tuck's Cherry Peck and inadvertently found this short, hilarious clip about a tranny cop, I'd been left wanting more. Well, it's here! Though it hasn't been picked up as a great new show (please, they leave Reno 911! on but nobody wants Tranny McGuyver?), the new film should be making the rounds soon. And until then, you can satisfy yourself like I have with the film's trailer.

5) The New No Doubt CD

I wasn't heart-broken when No Doubt disbanded and Gwen Stefani went solo- I was excited, particularly when her first CD delivered with great songs that I still love. Then I deflated somewhat with her second CD's mediocre songs, hip-hop attitude (sorry, Gwen, I love ya, but I'm not sure you've got the street cred to back it up . . .), and treating her Japanese backup dancers like figments of her imagination, even in interviews (wtf?). But I'm glad to see the band getting back together, and hopefully finding an even sound between Gwen's somewhat more, ahem, exuberant style lately, and their old punk and ska roots, with some of their later hip-hop and Jamaican flavor thrown in. And maybe slightly more meaningful lyrics than "If I was a rich girl, I'd have all the money in the world". Oooh, I can't wait!

6) Trannywood Pictures' next film "Couch Surfers 2". Actually, I'm more excited at the prospect of their next next film "Trannywood Gone Wild", but that's definitely not going to be for a while (sigh). Ah, either way, I'm just glad that these talents guys have so many projects lined up, so I've always got something to look forward to!

And of course there will probably be new things for me to look forward to (thank goodness!), but those are the ones that have me daydreaming about their respective release dates . . . .
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hi, Are You Flirting With Me?

Hey, a personal blog! Read more about my flirting- or lack thereof- by clicking the link below.

I spent the night before last enjoying a late-night buffalo-wing and blue cheese chowdown and let's-reminisce-about-old-times-and-affirm-our-friendship rendezvous with my best friend at Denny's. It was nice; lately our friendship has been floundering, for a variety of reasons, and the midnight snack felt like old times again- wandering memory lane through high school before it ever felt like our lives would diverge down different paths, commiserating about our weight, failed exercise regimens, and how a basket each of buffalo wings certainly doesn't help, and, eventually, like all our good conversations do, turning towards relationships and our romantic woes.

This time, though, there seemed to finally be something more than just abstract hypotheticals to the chatter, and I unfortunately was quite unprepared for it. You see, there was a deliciously appealing Denny's hostess. Sitting in my booth, I had the perfect view of her over my friend's shoulder. I actually at first thought she was a boy- she had that wonderful sort of androgyny that you can't call butchness, because it simply isn't butch, but more like fay, elvish beauty that doesn't require makeup or other feminine accoutrements to manifest itself. Suffice to say, I stared and surreptitiously watched her the entire time, fascinated. I certainly didn't hide it, but I really didn't feel like I was being noticed in my watching, either.

But then, long after the check has been paid, our waitress has taken off, and we're simply wasting time, she comes by and stops at our table. There's an almost a palpable, uncomfortable silence as she stands there, and we finally look up- another strange silence, and she produces a rag and asks to clean up our table, if we'd just lift our glasses there, yes, thanks, guys, now your arms won't get all sticky. A slight laugh and very warm smile. Then she trots off- having cleaned not a single other table, and apparently not having taken over any sort of bussing or cleaning duties.

Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Maybe it was late and slow (it had to be approaching 1 o'clock in the morning) and she had nothing better to do. Maybe she really was concerned with making our table cleaner; quite honestly it was rather sticky from the cherry coke syrup. But then we go to leave, and just before we're out the door, she catches sight of us and calls out an almost frantic "Bye, guys, thanks!" with a finger-curling wave of her hand. Maybe I'm reading too much into it. Or maybe she noticed me noticing her and took the initiative to get a little closer; do a little flirting.

And that, right there, is my problem.

I don't know how to flirt. I don't know how to recognize it. Somehow, in all the hulabaloo of high school's education on proper social conduct for young boys and girls, I was off reading, practicing Wicca, and focusing far too hard on my school studies. It wasn't that I didn't want a boyfriend . . . but my dreams roughly involved being pursued by a dedicated suitor, without any work on my part but to blush and maybe play hard to get, or forming a casual male friendship that would eventually lead to a hesitant kiss over the homework we were doing together in my room, which would transform into a highschool-sweetheart relationship that would finally end in marriage. I simply didn't want to expend any effort, to tell the truth, and what's more, I did not want to have to become one of "those girls".

"Those girls" being, of course, pretty much any girl who put thought into her appearance in the hopes of impressing the boys. I hated- and still pretty much do hate- the courtship dance that men and women do. I didn't want to have to flirt and preen and be silly and stupid. Every girl who seemed adept at it also seemed to be the exact opposite of the person I wanted to become, the person that I was. And it wasn't just about the masculine-feminine divide, because the lesbian butch-femme dance, that twirling trade off opposing energies, is beautiful and alluring to me. Perhaps it's simply the sheer normalcy and the taking for granted that it's the way it's supposed to be. Maybe I buck and rebelled at the heteronormativity that put me in place of the preening female to the aggressive male, that oppressive model. I've always wanted to be different, after all.

But the point is that I've missed out on this crucial skill. I'm sure I could probably muster up some flirty behavior if pressed, but when it comes to recognizing it when it's directed at me . . . I suck. Is it just being friendly, or is it more? I couldn't tell you at all. And while I know people struggle with reading the signs all the time, I just feel much more helpless than anyone else.

Besides, how do you flirt with a hostess at Denny's? She's not even a waitress who occasionally can be flagged down to ask for extra and unnecessary napkins. What ought I have done? I certainly would have liked to see my friend's face if I tried to flirt with a girl (this being the same friend who has never mentioned my bisexuality since I told her about it, and continues to talk about relationships in straight terms only) right in front of her.

All I know is that the event impressed itself upon me, enough to want to write a blog about it. I obviously need flirting lessons.

I wonder, though . . . I do want to go back to Denny's in the hopes of seeing her again.
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Xtube Notables

On adult sharing sites, you often get a lot of the same old stuff. Yes, it's all still hot and sexy, but how many times can you watch a random, headless person masturbate for two minutes and cum? It's hard to stand out amidst all that, so in that vein of thought, here are the those who I have found highly notable. Certainly this is subjective and primarily based on what I find erotic, but I'm truly trying to be objective and finding not necessarily the "hottest" of Xtube, but rather the people who stand out from the rest. So, without futher ado, here we go:

Best Transman Of Xtube

Jesse Bell is one sexy transman, so quite naturally, he opened up an account called sexytransman and has proceeded to blow my mind. Cock pumping, enemas, urethral sounding (!), self-fisting, double penetration, and taking the entirety of a massive 10-inch dildo anally . . . all in the boy's reperetoire. Yeah, he's talented. And apparently bisexual: he expresses a preference for men but notes that there's a special lady in his life that he calls "my Slut". How's that for hot and giving hope to every person on the planet? Also, I think it absolutely must be mentioned that in his profile, he says that he "works as an escort/rentboy for men of all orientations as a side project". Why don't more of my friends have such great side projects? Worship at his sexy ballet fetish boots (yeah, he owns and sometimes masturbates in ballet fetish boots).

Best Straight Couple Of Xtube

Newcomers Jude and Latti share a joint account under the name librariannextdoor. They're dedicated to making an Internet sex podcast . . . whatever that means. Nobody really cares, though, because whatever they call it, it's hot, fun, and zany. There are so many sexy couples on Xtube that it's impossible to choose one just based on the hot factor. What sets Jude and Latti apart, however (other than being one of the most attractive, young, and uninhibited couples around) is their playful banter, sense of humor, and obvious natural ease with one another. On a site where most videos end and begin centered on the genitals in question, it's refreshing to see smiling, laughing faces, hear them talk and interact, and get a real sense of connection between them and their fans (they talk to their viewers and are dedicated to taking and fulfilling their requests). And they have hot sex. And it should be noted that they're in the process of receiving suggestions on what to name their butt-plug . . . so go and give them your input!

Best Lesbian Couple Of Xtube

And the award goes to . . . bomb666! Although I cannot go without mentioning sailorsgrave as well (they didn't win because technically, with their Amateur Channel, they're in it for the money now). Sharing a joint account, the girlfriends have a real dyke appeal- a little butchy, and very athletic (only hobbies listed: gym rat and amateur pornstar). The girls are versatile, switching between top and bottom, and putting a lot of hot and powerful finger-fucking and strap-on banging to one another for scorching orgasms. The hottest thing? Their profile states: "I hope to someday be the president of a strictly girl on girl pornography business.". Yeah, I hope so, too!

Best Sex Educator Of Xtube

I've always been under the impression that sex education and porn can collide and mix in the most delicious of ways. I mean, what's a better way of educating than actually showing how it's done? There aren't a lot of said videos on Xtube, but one man totally deserves props: 1340harleyd's video Masturbation 101 is a 25-minute tutorial on how to give a handjob- complete with notes! Not only is it quite hot to hear him work hard on holding out long enough to give all his pointers, but he truly seems to want to help his viewers know how to please their men. Rockin'! At one point in time he said he would make a prostate-stimulation tutorial if he could enlist the aid of a lady friend, but nothing's come of it since. So you know what to do- message that guy and ask him to get the ball rolling!

Best Gay Slut Of Xtube

Apparently Spain is where the party is at. Going by the pretty accurate name Cum_Eater_Madrid, this boy is not only incredibly prolific with some 52-odd videos (as of now), but they are filled with wall-to-wall sluttitude that I simply haven't seen anywhere outside of professional porn. With titles like "orgy with 7 cocks", you just know things are going to be, well, good. And his pretty-boy looks (I rather think he resembles Ferris Bueller), oral skills, and complete eagerness to meet with essentially anybody up for some hot sex, all make him a standout star.

Best Transwoman Of Xtube

Katie Katz blows my mind . . . I wish I could marry her. Going under the name diaperedtgirl, she's different from any other transgal I've seen on Xtube. For starters, the girl has impeccable punk style. If you get tired of transwomen and cross-dressers dressed in full-fledged lingerie and clothing that feels like it's from the 50's (or, controversially, clothes so slutty they almost make you want to laugh), no more worries. She's punk, she's Goth, she's naughty schoolgirl, corseted bondage queen, and, as per her name, a cute babydoll who simply loves being in a diaper. Not to mention that she also makes erotic comics, takes truly artistic photographs, and lists her dating status as "unfaithful" and her hobbies as "being super cute". A while ago she had up several fantastic non-explicit videos that literally blew my mind with their artistry . . . now they're gone. Why, Katie, why? You want to see them? Go and beg her to put them back up!

So those are people who are drawing my attention lately. They definitely aren't all of them, but it'd take me forever to list them all, and, well, I do have a life outside of this blog ;). Now tell me, because I'm curious: who do YOU find notable on Xtube?
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Friday, May 2, 2008

There's Something About Her Toothy . . . Smile

Is it weird that I kind of find that age-old idea of "vagina dentata" hot? I mean, there's pussy power, and then there's pussy power where that thing can bite. Somehow it seems fun to throw the concept in boys' faces- make them shudder. And I know that I really shouldn't . . . I mean, a toothed vagina could chow down a lesbian lover's hand or your own fingers or destroy a good-quality sex toy just as much as it can a cock, and yet it still seems so wild, so primal, so good.

Well, guess what? Now there's a movie for it. And it actually looks to be pretty darn brilliant (though the previews paint it almost like a bad horror movie). I'm rather thrilled, too, that it stars John Hensley- a.k.a. Matt from "Nip/Tuck". Coolio.

I can't give my impressions on it until I actually see the whole thing (and I sniff on the winds of the Internet claims of misandry and man-hating), but until now, I'm just excited that I have a new and challenging movie to look forward to . . . before someone tried to drag me to go see "Made Of Honor".

Enjoy the preview!

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Why Xtube Beats Other Sites

There are a lot of adult video sharing sites that sort of cropped up with the advent of Youtube and the realization that you could have the same amazing results with porn. And nobody could be happier than me, and the bunches of other folks who wanted to put their erotic selves out into cyberspace but never had the forum or the technical skills to do so.

Xtube, Redtube, Youporn, Pornotube, Megarotic, and so many more that I'm sure I don't know about . . . they all are great spots to find real amateur people sexing themselves and one another up- for free! It's like a win-win situation where nobody loses out.But some sites are better than others, and I've got to come out with my endorsement. I Heart Xtube. Here are my reasons why:

* The dazzling variety of sexualities. I've spent a little time doing searches on the other websites, and they've all come up blank. "Butch lesbian" yields nothing. "FtM"? Please, the search engines start going haywire- no, they tell me, they resolutely have no results for "FtM". I've never seen so many different, dazzling sexualities as are available on Xtube- 95 videos come up for transmen (and many more pictures), and at least three enterprising lesbian couples are fighting against the slew of quote-unquote "lesbian bimbos" (and if that seems too little, know that it's three more than any other site apparently has!). I've had the pleasure of watching twinks and bears and musclemen and MILF's and DILF's and teens and co-eds and virgins and shemales and transgirls both pre-op and post-op and crossdressers and married couples and fuckbuddies . . . none of it professional porn, and all of it real and hot. Other sites pale in comparison.

* An actual community. Other sites don't seem to have much in the way of information on the people who are uploading the videos. In fact, I think that for Redtube, you can't even get to anything resembling a profile. On Xtube, every user has a profile much like social networking sites like Myspace or Facebook, and the ability to leave comments, give gifts, write blogs, make friends, send private messages, and so on. Certainly not every user has a filled out profile, and hey, that's fine. Lots of people are on Xtube to simply get off. But Xtube's focus on fostering community means several things: we become more than just pawns in the great mainstream porn machine, the site can act like both a porn site and a free version of Adultfriendfinder.com, and people are able to get more of what they want (as per people making personal requests of other posters). I love the people on Xtube because they feel like family . . . family I enjoy getting off with, that is!

* A pretty layout. Don't ask me why, but I like a site that is easy-to-navigate, user-friendly, and which doesn't overwhelm my senses with crazy colors, unreadable fonts, or excessive, tricky advertisements. Xtube has a clean white background, simple organization in its channels, and it's basically straightforward. Makes me feel good using it. The other sites seem to have a unanimous black background (always feels "fishy" to me) and poor design.

* A variety of porn options, for both users and submitters. It seems like if you want to buy and stream-watch professional porn online, submit your own erotic pictures and videos, sell your own erotic pictures and videos, and consume free porn, you had to go to four different sites that could help you with each. What I love about Xtube is the fact that it's all right there. Want to make a bit of cash and become an amateur star? Simply open an Amateur account and wait for the buyers to pour in. Not in it for the money? Open a regular account. Tired of looking at normal people beating their meat? Run to the Paid Channels to buy some professional porn. Tired of professional porn? Get away from the Paid Channels. It's just that easy. Why would anyone go anywhere else when it's all right there?

* Help is easily available. Other sites might have options to get in contact, but what I love about Xtube is the fact that there are Administrators with their own profile pages, blogs, and updates. When I first joined Xtube, I got a wonderful message from Lance, an Administrator, that not only made me feel welcome, but sort of told me that there were real, live people here working to make the site great and accessible, very personal. For a while there (and maybe even still now, I'm not sure), one of the Administrators promised to be online and available to chat and help and troubleshoot any problems that users might be having. How's that for awesome?

* Xtube has a real-life contingent. This is kind of part of the above praise, but I love it that Xtube isn't just online- the guys and gals behind it have come out with booths and representation at various events, including Toronto Pride. That's pretty cool- it shows a dedication to getting out there and not just being another porn site, but a community force.

* A point system! Okay, so it's about as frustrating as the ticket system in arcades- you never went there enough or played well enough to get enough tickets for that giant stuffed teddy bear in the window, so you ended up with cheap unicorn erasers. I mean, with uploaded videos only getting you 10 points, and $5.00 of Xtube money costing 1,400 points, well, let's say it's going to be a long while before I get to collect. But I still like the fact that Xtube has this system to motivate people (as if we exhibitionists need extra motivation!).

* It has a Wiki! And the way everyone loves Wikipedia, that's pretty awesome.

* Xtube: the store! I love it that you can do some porn surfing and one-stop adult shopping all at the same place. Not to mention that they sell Xtube merchandise. Oh, I am soooo getting a T-shirt!

And I'm sure there are lots of reasons that Xtube is awesome, but those are the main ones that stick out to me. So what are you waiting for? Do as Xtube says, and "Log on and get off!"!
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Porn Lags Behind The Genderqueer Revolution

It's not surprising . . . while actual technology of porn seems to be at the cutting edge of whatever you're calling our revolution towards tinier, more portable, more multi-functional gadgets, sometimes the content lags behind. Did it really take until the 80's to get some real-life butch lesbians on the screen? Or FtM transboys, for that matter?

And now that we're finally starting to have the plethora of more gender-bending porn, from cross-dressing men and women, to transmen and women, to the feminine men and the masculine women, well, to be quite honest, I'm left wanting more. (Yes, I am quite aware that I am greed personified).

"More what?", you might ask. What more could you ask from an industry that's barely squeezing out something that doesn't look like Jenna Jameson (blonde), Sasha Grey (brunette), or Rocco Siffredi? Well, let me paint you a picture.

It's four or five years ago, and I'm just coming into my own. My latent bi/pansexuality has been unearthed by, of all things, not simply a female crush, but rather a book of drag king photographs. Call it fortune, call it luck, call it divine intervention, because this book would lead me into the cutting-edge of the genderqueer culture. Had I simply realized "I like girls." and gone from there, I doubt I could have ever travelled so far and so deep to the place where I now reside. Realizing my love and lust for girls in boy drag, Amazon.com's searches grudgingly produce Carol Queen's "The Leather Daddy and the Femme" in my results, and I promptly order it and devour every blessed word. It is the most elegant tale of gender-gone-deliciously-haywire that I had, and have, ever read. Miranda sometimes dresses as a boy and sometimes in full femme attire when she's sexing with gay leatherman Jack, who also loves to get it on with his bisexual buddy Demetrius who realized he liked boys when getting topped by cross-dressing dominatrix Georgia Strong. And of course they all really like romping around with Ariel, the pre-op transsexual lesbian, and Peaches, the beautiful cross-dressing boy, or they reminisce about the good old days when Miranda was the femme of a butch-femme and then femme-FtM sex whirlwind, or those two bold pre-op transgirls strapped everything down and went to a lesbian sex club together to get fucked in the ass by butch dykes.

Yes, it's okay if you let your jaw hit the floor. Mine did.

I was enthralled, drawn in by the intermingling of these usually separate spheres. And more and more, I was confronted with these same themes. Half of the stories in bisexual erotica anthologies I bought featured sex between gay men and women, or dykes and men, and frequently, gay men with lesbians. On the Technodyke.com messageboard, lesbian-identified women gush about male celebrity crushes and one woman openly says that she will occasionally top a gay boy. On Yahoo! Answers, a gay man confesses his attraction to butch women and wonders what that means about his sexuality. Christina Ricci gives hopes to fag hags everywhere and seduces a gay boy to the other side in "The Opposite Of Sex". On Nip/Tuck, a young, supposedly straight twink lives as a houseboy to an older gay sugar daddy, and later offers to suck off Dr. Christian Troy with a blithe "Gay, straight, whatever. A blowjob's a blowjob.". Straight preteen girls squeal with joy when they see animated gay male action. Things are a-changin', and I was right there, eager to see things pushed even further- I had fantasies of a drag-king MtF transwoman fucking a drag-queen FtM transguy and even crazier. For a kinky pansexual, the fun combinations can never be exhausted, really.

But when I look at porn, I never get to see these mixtures. The walls are up, and the walls are rigid, everyone- you do not break your barrier. About the only intermingling going on is the requisite lesbian scene in every straight porn ever, and the cursory, fill-a-fetish boy-on-boy action in bisexual threesome porn. Sometimes shemale porn goes out on a limb and features transladies with biogirls. FtM porn remains stubbornly either straight or gay, refusing to mix transguy-with-girl and transguy-with guy/transguy into one single film. All in all, it's pretty pathetic. Not that I blame them- no, rock on, pornographers who are pushing the boundaries! I just want them to push harder, to blow those boundaries out of the water.
Case in point: below was what I read posted in Fatalemedia.com's blog.

We received an interesting letter from a Fatale fan who asked, “Do you have DVDs that feature sex between gender-queers and/or butch women and queeny men?”

Perhaps not the best people to ask this question, since Fatalemedia is primarily lesbian- and FtM-based. But still, this is probably someone who enjoys that very stuff, and simply is looking for some men in the picture, too. And the gals over at Fatale do their darndest to provide some good genderqueer porn. They recommend tons of movies featuring butch gender-benders, but they fall short on the person's actual request: butch women and queeny men, together.

I believe that people are out there, doing this very thing. Dykes and fags are getting together, and whether you want to argue semantics and primly insist that they are obviously bisexual, it doesn't really matter. Hell, even if I were completely making it up and the communities weren't mixing under the covers, I'd still pay money to see 'em go at it anyways. Isn't that what straight men have been doing for decades with their lesbian porn- hardly caring about if the actresses want each other, and just liking the sight? So where is this stuff in porn? Shine Louise Houston has said she eventually wants to make porn featuring bio-boys, but just how long will it take to reach that goal? (And if she does, will it simply be a passionate take on most straight scenes, or will it have some of the Crash Pad's genderqueer sheen to it?). I can't say.

But this is my plea, to any and all pornographers who are listening: show me the queer sex, the stranger-than-strange genderqueer sex pairings that will knock my socks off. Pretty please?
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