Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I'm So Excited! (And I Just Can't Hide It!)

Yes, and I may just lose control. What's making me so crazy? Here are a list of things I'm looking forward to:

1) Japan

Right now I've got the possibility to return for a month to Japan to do a TESOL program at the same university I was at last semester. Getting to see old friends, be back in Japan . . . I'm crossing my fingers. I find out Friday- wish me luck!

2) No Fauxxx Roulette

Okay, so I can't find any information on this supposedly up-coming debut full-length feature porn film from artistic pansexual and genderqueer erotic site No Fauxxx, except for tantalizing teases of my fave pornstar Jiz Lee saying she'll be in it, or Myspace bulletin board pleas for bands interested in a musical benefit to raise funds for the movie. And yet I know that the fanastic Ms. Trouble Royalle is busy working on it, and I'm thrilled, particularly because the site has tantalizing pictures, but only a handful of frustratingly short videos hinting at how talented she might be with some real professional equipment. Oh, when, oh, when will it come out?

3) Champion: The Movie

I'm enamored with Pink & White's Crash Pad Series, everyone knows it. But I still miss the days when they were coming out with feature films, and luckily those days aren't over- because they have a new movie coming out, starring all of my favorite familiar faces (Jiz, Shawn, Dallas, Javier), and what's more, what looks to be a killer plot that'd even give "Million Dollar Baby" a run for it's money (if, you know, "Million Dollar Baby" had no Clint Eastwood and tons of hot queer sex instead). Champion: The Movie looks to be fantastic!

4) Tranny McGuyver: The Movie!

Ever since I first Youtube searched Willam Belli (and take care, folks, that's will-uhm bell-eye) in search of other works by the gorgeous and talented individual who played Nip/Tuck's Cherry Peck and inadvertently found this short, hilarious clip about a tranny cop, I'd been left wanting more. Well, it's here! Though it hasn't been picked up as a great new show (please, they leave Reno 911! on but nobody wants Tranny McGuyver?), the new film should be making the rounds soon. And until then, you can satisfy yourself like I have with the film's trailer.

5) The New No Doubt CD

I wasn't heart-broken when No Doubt disbanded and Gwen Stefani went solo- I was excited, particularly when her first CD delivered with great songs that I still love. Then I deflated somewhat with her second CD's mediocre songs, hip-hop attitude (sorry, Gwen, I love ya, but I'm not sure you've got the street cred to back it up . . .), and treating her Japanese backup dancers like figments of her imagination, even in interviews (wtf?). But I'm glad to see the band getting back together, and hopefully finding an even sound between Gwen's somewhat more, ahem, exuberant style lately, and their old punk and ska roots, with some of their later hip-hop and Jamaican flavor thrown in. And maybe slightly more meaningful lyrics than "If I was a rich girl, I'd have all the money in the world". Oooh, I can't wait!

6) Trannywood Pictures' next film "Couch Surfers 2". Actually, I'm more excited at the prospect of their next next film "Trannywood Gone Wild", but that's definitely not going to be for a while (sigh). Ah, either way, I'm just glad that these talents guys have so many projects lined up, so I've always got something to look forward to!

And of course there will probably be new things for me to look forward to (thank goodness!), but those are the ones that have me daydreaming about their respective release dates . . . .

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Jiz Lee said...

I'm excited about Champion too! We film in just a matter of weeks. Yesss!

Okay, this is a huge tease... last night I watched a "for your eyes only" copy of none other than No Fauxxx Roulette... and yup. Hot.

I'll blog a little about it soon. Just for you! : )