Friday, May 2, 2008

There's Something About Her Toothy . . . Smile

Is it weird that I kind of find that age-old idea of "vagina dentata" hot? I mean, there's pussy power, and then there's pussy power where that thing can bite. Somehow it seems fun to throw the concept in boys' faces- make them shudder. And I know that I really shouldn't . . . I mean, a toothed vagina could chow down a lesbian lover's hand or your own fingers or destroy a good-quality sex toy just as much as it can a cock, and yet it still seems so wild, so primal, so good.

Well, guess what? Now there's a movie for it. And it actually looks to be pretty darn brilliant (though the previews paint it almost like a bad horror movie). I'm rather thrilled, too, that it stars John Hensley- a.k.a. Matt from "Nip/Tuck". Coolio.

I can't give my impressions on it until I actually see the whole thing (and I sniff on the winds of the Internet claims of misandry and man-hating), but until now, I'm just excited that I have a new and challenging movie to look forward to . . . before someone tried to drag me to go see "Made Of Honor".

Enjoy the preview!

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