Tuesday, January 27, 2009

We Are Animals, We Have Urges

There are so many reasons why I love Alan Cumming (the accent! that smile! the bisexuality! the activism! the sex appeal, oh god, the sex appeal!), but this new Trojan condom ad is the icing on the cake, another reason to love him. Seriously, any monogamy pledges I make to my partners will necessarily come with an asterisk (*Exempt should Alan Cumming want to fuck me.). And, fantasizing that the commercial is true, who knows? Anyways, enough rambling.

It's sexy and honest, diverse, racial, gender, and sexual orientation-wise, and, yes, it has Alan. Not to mention that it's nice to see someone tackling the abstinence-message head-on; there's no apology for the sex, but a proud love of it.

Bravo, Trojan and Alan!

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WhiteDwarfStar said...

Purrrr. This ad is HOT. Me-ow.