Monday, February 9, 2009

Macro + Genitals = Art

As the title says. Extreme close-ups after the jump.

I don't know much of anything about photography, but I do know that I really, really like what they call "macro", that takes high-resolution, very sharp and in-focus close-up pictures. They are gorgeously full of detail- truly a visual feast.

Of course, there are lots of really amazing examples of macro photography. Nature is a favorite- flowers, leaves, water droplets, insects, lizards, and human eyes all lend themselves well to macro photography. Like the following photo. Pretty, right?

But I've found a subject I like a whole hell of a lot more: genitalia. Oh, sure, there are so many admittedly lovely pictures of genitals all over the Internet and in magazines. Many purport to be "close-up", which is often still at least half a foot away. I guess I just want "extreme close-up". There is something so incredible about the textures of our genitals, the stray, kinky hairs, the rich pink and flesh tones. Of course, some pornographers have gotten down on the macro shot, most notably Abby Winters, as amply evidenced in many sources. But because the majority of porn seems to ignore a deeper look at our parts, allow me to indulge you below (note: clicking on the pictures will take you to their original sites, where you can enlarge them and seriously soak in the sumptuous detail).

Romita Tempranillo's "Marbled". Cock has never looked so beautiful.

Herbus' "Dangle". There's just something so soft and almost delicate about this picture.

xandergr8's "front". Where to begin? Everything about this picture is just gorgeous.

Scottyskins' "Penis 9". You don't often get to see piss-slits in such detail, and it's surprisingly pretty. And there are quite a few more in the series.

Domnimes' "Skin". An incredible study in foreskin.

Loughborough's "Lower". The seam of testicles continues to fascinate me far more than it should.

Nuder82's "Ripples". Such an apt name for the incredibly wrinkly testicles.

ickylust's "Macro - Pretty Kitty". Pretty, indeed. Sigh. More like gorgeous.

MademoiselleKaterina's "lips sealed". Incredibly beautiful when enlarged.

StellaHase has a gallery full of macro studies of her body, all beautiful. Here, "Pink Tango". This truly qualifies as art.

And this one, "Waves of pink". Amazing.

SolitaryMist's "Nipple2". Nipples get a little more macro love by "mainstream" photographers, thank goodness.

sopbubblan's "Nipple". And the elusive male nipple, just as pretty.

Lest we forget that the pussy isn't the only orifice involved in sex, a study of a more oral kind: devil-without-horns' "It makes me smile".

Ecchi-Senshi's "Eat me". Almost as if recorded from a deep-throated dick.

I was expecting to find at least some macro studies of the anus, but, much to my surprise, none were to be found, but for this oft-circulated comic picture, whose true origins I cannot find. Was there really an art showing? Whose art is it? And, are those really assholes, or deceptive belly buttons? Brownies for anybody who can clarify.

So that's it. I felt very arty last night when I collected all these photographs, and I just had to put them all in a blog for posterity (and to share with you all). Enjoy.

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