Saturday, June 7, 2008

Jessica Alba Would Like More Male Nudity, Please

<---- What does Jessica Alba think is missing?

I've never been that crazy about the actress- she's pretty and acts alright, but she doesn't exactly knock my socks off (though I do remember being vaguely stirred by her character "Max" on the cyberpunk series "Dark Angel" so long ago). But I do find some of her recent statements quite pleasing:

The 'Fantastic Four' actress doesn't think it is fair that men's magazines are packed with pictures of virtually nude women, while the publications she reads don't have any naked guys in them. Jessica said inan interview with Britain's GQ magazine: "Men's magazines have nipples so why don't women have a magazine where men show their penises? There's Playgirl but not a fashion magazine like Elle. "If there was a magazine like that I'd buy it. Nudity's not a big deal to me." Although the 26-year-old star won't strip off on screen, she likes to see other people bare all in the name of entertainment. She explained: "I've said I won't go naked in any of my movies, because I don't want to. But that doesn't mean I don't want to see other people strip off!"

Completely agreed, Jessica, and kudos to you for noting the unfair discrepancy, as well as for having the guts to come out and say you like to see others strip, and that you'd buy a magazine for its penis content.

The rest of the media seems enamored with her- she's got what they call sway. Maybe folks will listen to her and I can open up "Elle" and find nude hunks. Fingers crossed!

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Male model said...

I realize this is a blog that may not be updated any more considering the date of the last post, but as a male nude model I'd like to share my thoughts on this post.

First, I agree that Jessica's right, there's a discrepancy between the availability of female versus male nudity, the latter is still harder to find. Taking into the account womens sexual liberation and economic freedom (and hence the option to spend money on media containing male nudity) there's a huge unsaturated market for male nudity. There are also a lot of men wanting to get into the business as models - perhaps even more in this economic climate where traditional male occupied jobs have disappeared due to financial crisis.
This could be an opportunity to try to become a model for some men, and it's part of the reason I started nude modeling myself.

So there's the supply of potential models. However, these aspiring male stars have to start somewhere. Nothing will happen unless more people do take the initiative and take the chance of becoming editors and photographers. There are a lot of women educated and experienced within media - photographers, designers and art directors for instance.

Yes, men can be photographers and editors too. But myself and numerous other models I've talked to much prefer a female photographer. I'm not homophobic, but it's just a more sensual and a more stress free experience, and women know what women want to see, so the resulting pics are often better. Also it just feels more natural to pose for a female photographer - I'm spending all those hours in the gym and going through those diets to look great for her - not another guy.

So, there are a lot of opportunities out there for women who want to present the female gaze.