Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A Lil' Bit Of Genderqueer In Mainstream Porn

I was pleasantly surprised today. That doesn't happen hardly often enough.

I was actually doing a little Googling for another blog, and I ran across a description of the porn film "Masque". Nothing too special, except for the mention of "Asia Carrera in drag". I did a double take, read it again to make sure, and then did some furious research to discover that yes, it was true.

I bought and downloaded the film and was thrilled to see some brilliant genderqueerness making its way into what was otherwise a pretty mainstream movie. The lovely Asia- or rather, apparently, Samantha, the character she was playing- spoke a bit about always having been a tomboy, being somewhat jealous of the way the boys named their dicks . . . hence she's dressed up like this on Halloween. And she isn't some bad imitation, either- she rivals any veteran drag king, and she looks distinctly queer. She wears unapologetic facial hair, something I simply can't imagine most typical heterosexual male porn watchers to get behind.

I fucking love it.

The tryst is very erotic- some sensual dancing and later strap-on fucking (with an added element of voyeurism)- and well-filmed, but I'm already impressed by the very presence of the boy drag.

So. The rest of the film was unremarkable . . . cheerleader outfits, doctor/nurse play, requisite orgy, yada yada yada. But Asia Carrera in a mustache, tie, and hefty strap-on wooing a girl? Maybe I was wrong about mainstream porn being bland and gender-binary enforcing (or stereotypically "shemale" when not).

I'm happy for today. Thanks, writers Edwin Brown and Oola Bloom!

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