Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SIR Video Returns!

After so long hearing nothing new from S.I.R. Video (Shar Redenour and Jackie Strano's break-through company that brought you such great real lesbian porn like "Hard Love/How To Fuck In High Heels" and "Sugar High Glitter City"), they've finally come out of hiding with a new project!

Well, to be technically honest, their website is still as depressing as ever, reassuring that the years-long "redecorating" is going on, and please visit Fatale Media in the meantime. But their Myspace is fortunately alive and kickin' (thanks again, Myspace!). Not much information about the new endeavor is available- but they're definitely recruiting lots of genderqueer folks, which will be a nice change from their cool, sex-positive but quite heterosexually-aimed "Bend Over Boyfriend" series and "Talk To Me, Baby" video. It should be quite interesting to see how their work differs from their previous films, given the queer/lesbian porn niche's explosive growth within the last decade.

So welcome back, S.I.R. Video! I've missed you.

And if you're a dyke, femme, butch, or tranny who wants to be the star of this brand spankin' new porno, all you've got to do is email them (graciously linked because, you know, in case you couldn't read the posters). Now ain't the time to be shy, my little perverts! Go out and help make S.I.R. Video another great, contemporary dyke porn company.

And keep your eyes peeled for the finished product!

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