Saturday, December 6, 2008

OMG Blog Redesign!

You can read about it after the jump, or just use your eyeballs. What do you think? Leave me comments!

Well, maybe you don't think it warrants an "OMG", but if you'd spent as much time navigating the Interwebs and fiddling around as I did, you'd realize that it's frickin' huge.

So I've went in a, shall we say, different direction. The new look is obviously a lot more sophisticated (i.e. it doesn't just look like a blogger template), but it's also perhaps a little less "cheery" and maybe a little more "dramatic" (I can't help it, I love burgundy and gold!). Also new are pictorial links to sites (not yet finished, mind you . . . hey pornographers, long horizontal banners don't fit well into sidebars!), a "Current Crush" feature that'll introduce you to someone who's on my mind and should be on yours, and a big old top header so you know just who exactly is doing the blogging, lol.

So what do you think? Is it better, or worse? (Or do you not even care?)

Also, much, much love must be given to Vin at Blog Doctor, without whose helpful site I'd be very, very lost.

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