Sunday, December 14, 2008

We Are NOT A Couple!

Who's your daddy? Disturbing details after the jump.

My mom's birthday is today. So, happy birthday, momma! (Even though she doesn't read the blog). I shopped for her early- and baked a chocolate cherry devil's food cake- but of course my dad was a procrastinator and dragged me out to go shopping with him. Not too much of a problem, right? I'm soooo not a shopper, and I tire of it quickly, but it has been a while since I've been to the mall.

We decide to go for some champange flukes, as she loves all china and glassware, and had announced this morning that she'd like some champagne to celebrate. So there we are, strolling around the houseware section of Macy's, and ask a question of the older saleslady there. She smiles, ushers us to sit down as she starts investigating on the computer, and then asks "Are you two reigstered here?"

My mind went into such shock that I couldn't even register the question, except for a slow "Nooo." as my dad said "Oh no, that's my daughter."

Yeah. She covered up quickly, only slightly flustered as she talked about some good friends of hers in a May-December relationship, and we moved on, but boy, talk about disturbing. It simultaneously makes me laugh and shudder. I don't even care if it was because she thought I looked old . . . I know that in the wrong light, I don't look like the spring chicken that I am. It's just the idea of it!

And here's the kicker . . . for the rest of the day, it kept haunting me. We go to Carl's Jr. for a burger; and whoa, why does this resemble a date? I've probably been reading too much incest erotica; I can't help it, I love the dynamics of angry fathers punishing their sons and daughters! But applying it to my own life is just very very uncomfortable. No thanks.

So, that was my shocker for the weekend. I certainly hadn't expected to have to tell somebody that me and my dad were not a couple!

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