Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Some Butchies On The Big Screen

They're rare, but occasionally you get some unexpected butch yumminess from your local Blockbuster.

So, who's with me? How hot and cute was Kat Dennings in "The House Bunny"? (An underrated movie, by the way- it was funny, despite being formulaic). I am talking, of course, about her in the first half of the movie, before she became quote-unquote "pretty". The makeover pretty much destroyed all of her dykey appeal. In fact, the movie on a whole got a lot more boring once they turned into fembots. At least "Sorority Boys" left the so-called "ugly girls" as is and gave me boys in drag.

(Side note: what the hell was up with her going from short hair to long hair in her makeover? Does that mean she's wearing a wig? And what are they trying to say about femininity and sexiness? Can no woman look hot and/or girly with shorter hair? I mean, I know that the whole movie's concept is pretty stupid- you have to be pretty slutty, looks-obsessed, and dumb to get a boy and be cool!- but really? You're only smoking hot if you have tresses swinging down to your shoulders? Guh. But I digress.)

She was just so cute before- all angry and cynical in her laid-back flannel shirt and adorable hair. Looks like a mini-Shane McCutcheon, the little baby dyke before she grew up. And did she really bite a stupid frat boy on the arm and then grin from ear to ear and preen proudly? Swoon. Her feministy attitude was just icing on the cake. What a delicious unexpected treat! I was drooling.

I haven't been this happy about a butch sighting since Margarita Levieva's yummy boyish Annie Newton in "The Invisible". (Not the best picture . . . or maybe she just made a bigger impression on me in the film, what with all that badass bravado and carrying a knife and being hardcore). Too bad the film left me more than a little bored.

I'm sure I've missed some cuties. Anybody got some more butchies in recent film?

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