Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dick Singalong

And now here's the boys' turn, with some phallic musicality.

1) The wonderful "Penis Song" from "Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life".

2) Hilarious country singer-comedian Rodney Carrington just won me over with his "Dear Penis":

3) From the same Da Vinci's Notebook who sang the lovely song about Internet porn, here's an equally hilarious and joyful tribute to well-endowed men in "Enormous Penis" . . . although let's remember that you can still be happy if you're average!

4) Case in point: lukaduka sings about wishing they had a smaller penis in "The Penis Song".

5) Mickey Avalon and DJ Kris P.'s "My Dick"- a repetitive, silly song that nonetheless is completely addictive.

6) "The Sweetest Thing" bored me in every part except the silly looks-like-she's-going-down-in-the-car scene, but "The Penis Song" is pretty remarkable in its own way.

7) Here comes the rude dude, Jonathan Fin's "Ten Inch Cock":

8) Because I still love "Fight Club" so much (whose writer has a new set-in-the-porn-world book out), and I want to jump Edward Norton's bones almost as much as Helena Bonham Carter's, here's his and Brad Pitt's tribute to that ol' goddess of love, the penis.

9) "The Penis Song" by Stoned Laughter. Although it's more of a video saga than a song, it's still pretty awesome. Especially the video.

10) Who says dick songs only have to be sung by those with dicks? Here's a very funny 'if I had a penis' song "Penis Envy" by Uncle Bonsai.

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