Saturday, October 4, 2008

Feel Better About Yourself, Now!

No, I'm not talking about diets, exercise, showers, self-help books, self-esteem seminars, makeovers, new wardrobes, a sassy new haircut, new boyfriends/girlfriends, finally getting laid in, like, forever, having your mother call and actually not set you up for self-sabotage, Dr. Phil, a very welcoming religion-slash-cult, or naked "I love me!" sessions with your mirror.

I'm talking about Daily Drag Queen Affirmations! (Or, DDQA, as it's called). Each morning you receive an email that links you to that day’s video: a man, dressed up like a woman, giving you praise or an uplifting thought that will hopefully brighten your day. As they say- "it’s like those little page-a-day calendars except fiercer and we don’t kill trees". And it's a chance to see your favorite drag performers- Jackie Beat, Willam Belli, Jazzmun . . . get out your credit card!

Because, really, what else can make you feel quite as good as a outrageous drag queen heaping you with praise? Perfect for those of us who don't know any real life queens, or those who do but would love to escape the catty and bitchy wit that can just as easily tear down that good vibe.

I find this site absolutely hilarious and cool and yeah, if I had $20 to spend, I'd start off my day with a laugh, too, and getting loved by a bunch of drag queens for a year.

And even better is the underlying message and rationale behind Auntie Luscious' project: that drag queens do a lot more than just look awesome and turn gender on its head. Drag organizations do amazing charity work and "It's the boys in heels who heal . . . if you're gunna look fierce you may as well act fierce, and nothing is fiercer-er than kindness, it kills 'em."

So, try it! Give it as a gift to a friend! Are you seriously telling me that there's someone out there who wouldn't benefit from this? And it's so much cheaper, and rewarding, than actually getting up and doing something that takes so much work. Let the drag queens soothe away your self-doubts.

And here's a couple of freebies, anyways:

And my crush object, Willam Belli:

See . . . doncha feel better? :)

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