Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sex Map Can Lead You To Exotic Locales

I usually hate just regurgitating other, cooler blog's postings without adding my own spin on it in some way or another, but this is just too cool to not. Yup, it's a sex map listing a world of fetishes and types of sex. It. Rocks. So. Much. And it even made this jaded girl Google a few terms (jelly donut? who the hell comes up with these things?). I've got a blurry pic, but to examine every mountain range, go here.

From Eros Blog, who got if from Violet Blue, who got it from Viviane's Sex Carnival, who got it from the creator Franklin Veaux, who updated it from Kathrine Gate's original. (See, this is why I prefer originalish posts!).

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