Monday, October 27, 2008

More British Mystery Theatre

I can't seem to stop tripping up over the faint web tracks of real lesbian British porn . . . first it was Angie Dowling, now it's the mysteries of "Candy Stars".

The Candy Bar sounds cool. I mean, I'm hardly a party girl, but descriptions of the UK club make me want to hop on a plane and visit jolly old England, stat. Apparently the club had a very crucial role in shaping dyke culture in the area from its 1996 opening, and it exploded in terms of popularity- becoming one of the first women's venues in the UK to be granted a striptease license. That's right, they have strippers. For lesbians. *Gulp, pant, pant* And they are made sure to get paid a good basic wage (unlike many/most male stripjoints)! Swoon. They've won a ton of awards, and boast quite proudly of all the celebrity visitors they've had frequent the bar (yawn . . . like I care. Unless they got up and stripped. Then I approve very muchly). Point is, it makes me think of really cool, trendy dyke hotspots- something you see in "The L Word". I wanna go.

The network of bars, owned by Kim Lucas and Soho Clubs Ltd, which have spreading the Candy Bar franchise (or were planning to spread) from the UK to Australia and South Africa, seems pretty huge. They aren't just in the business of local partying- add organizing group trips to other countries, starring in documentaries, and making their own films, to the list. (And they've had their fair share of controversy, as evidenced by what happened in Greece). But in terms of more positive news, they've been featured in four documentaries and, even cooler, have produced their own short and full-length films, including "Big Sister" (a lesbian spoof of "Big Brother") and "Lesbian Pop Idol", a sort of "American Idol" done from the karaoke gals in the club. And, apparently, a porno.

The only problem is, I can find out almost nothing about it. I know that it must exist- I've seen pictures of the DVD, descriptions of its contents, and it is still listed as available for purchase here and here. Going by the name "Candy Stars", or "Candy Stars Uncensored", it carries this tantalizing teaser:

Ruby Fox is the new girl in town. Just off the bus from deepest nowhere, she is an innocent babe in London’s lesbian playland. Cute and up for adventure she plunges headlong into the exciting, hedonistic and sexually charged world of Europe’s hottest Lesbian scene. In one short weekend she makes a good friend, a dangerous enemy and has more sex than she has ever had in her entire life. Witty, pacey and with sizzling sex, it a real life lesbian adventure which introduces seven OF THE HOTTEST new lesbian stars.

Unfortunately, but for those two sites, it seems like "Candy Stars" has been wiped off the virtual map. You find links purporting to have it, only to have the page deleted and the information gone. There are the briefest mentions of it, but nothing concrete. It's certainly not listed as one of the film projects Candy Bar worked on.

I'm fearing that the case may be what one post offered (but which got no reply): for whatever reason, the movie was pulled from release by the British Board Of Films Certification. Unfortunately, I can't find any information to substantiate that.

I'm not sure what exactly remains of Candy Bar. Earlier this year, they lost their permanent space and are now more of a touring act, having regular "nights" at various hosting bars. If you happen to be in Britain, you can find out where to find them (and hence inquire about their porno on my behalf) at this site or their Myspace.

So . . . does anybody have any more information about "Candy Stars"? Can someone shed light on the topic? I guess I'll continue to search around.

- Your Private Eye, Gwen

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