Thursday, October 30, 2008

Women Wanting Sex? Hil-ar-ious! (NOT)

It used to be mildly funny, but I'm quickly getting tired of all those porn-related spoofs that end up reinforcing our ideas that women are sexless and wouldn't be turned on by yummy raunchy things unless the man in question is being Harlequin-style, vomitously over-romantic or is performing some sort of other non-erotic service for her (opening his wallet, doing chores, etc.). Not that I don't also enjoy men who do their fair share of housework- have I ever told you how a man cooking (good food) can melt me into a fuckable puddle almost instantaneously? But when there's such a dearth out there of porn aimed at women and/or made by women, I get irked at people grabbing my attention with unfulfilled promises.

First it was the attention-garnering but still-kinda-cute Cambridge Women's Pornography Cooperative and Susan Anderson's book (and calendar!) Porn For Women, which at least did show some manflesh (moreso in the calendar, though). But now I trip over Porn For Girls By Girls, which is all just a horrible spoof to sell David McCandless' book "The Internet: Now In Handy Book Format". And yeah, it's equipped with fully-clothed males, plays on ubiquitous porno slogans- "Huge Wet Smiling Eyes", for example- and the one thing I did like, three separate tabs labeled "Foreplay".

I should smile, but damn it, it's taking up webspace that should be devoted to real porn for girls by girls! I wouldn't be angry at all if there were more than a handful of such websites to accompany it, but until then, I'll stay pissed, because as it stands, a gal looking for porn and directed to this site gets only the message that she's abnormal for looking for real pornography- something she's been getting from society already (and somehow managed to overcome in her Internet searches). Or the boyfriend or husband who wants to open her up to porn and is looking for something that'll appeal to her- and ends up closing his browser, convinced the only things out there are either for gay men, raunchy hardcore for men, and spoofs that make a mockery out of female desire.

Grrr. Righteously angry posts are actually kinda fun.

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