Saturday, October 25, 2008

Link Love (a.k.a. People Read My Blog?!?!?)

Aaaack! Despite my beliefs to the contrary, people are reading my blog (thanks in large part, I suspect, to the stupendous Jiz Lee putting me graciously on the blogroll. And it's thrilling . . . and frightening. It's just much easier to write when you think you have no audience (except for the odd commenter here and there). I got a little shocking taste of it when someone on Fetlife messaged me about my blog out of the blue. And I'm sure that's only the tip of the iceburg. So, yikes, I have readers. Note to self: must write about interesting things. Must not post any more crap.

I'm acknowledging this fact today because the aforementioned porn goddess (god? . . . okay, just supreme deity) Jiz nominated me in the blogosphere-sweeping "I Love Your Blog" award. As one out of seven (including such legendary blogs as Violet Blue's Tiny Nibbles), I can't help but protest "No!" and bow down in Wayne's World "I'm not worthy!" style. But I'm gonna try and accept the love without question. And even though I think I may have already done something like this, in the spirit of the award, I shall of course dish out my own love. (As Jiz titles her blog, "love begets love"). Sidenote: I'm eternally curious, so I tried to follow the chain of love. I got about six blogs deep before giving up, but you're welcome to follow the thread: Lil Bit nominated Shay, who nominated Radha, who nominated The Jaded Hippie, who nominated Essin' Em, who nominated Jiz Lee, who nominated lil' ol' me.

Or you could just go to the source. Unless I'm mistaken (and it happens more often than I would like to admit), The "I Love Your Blog" award began, it would seem, this August, from a sweet chick named Heather on the blog Fireflydreams, which rather surprised me; even though there's no specifications on the type of blog, I'd only seen in on sex/queer related ones, and Fireflydream's designation is "a single parent with a passion for crafts", with nary a homemade sex toy or even a penis warmer tutorial. Pretty awesome how sex blogs became part of this- only more great evidence that "we" (who are "we", anyways?) aren't a closed-off, self-contained group of perverts :)

So, for my readers and those bloggers I nominate who want to give it their own turn, here’s how it works (as with all awards, there are certain rules to follow):

1. Link to the giver. (done, above- go and read Jiz's blog, dammit!)
2. Nominate up to seven other fabulous blogs and link to them. (done below)
3. Leave messages announcing their rise to greatness. (will be doing so!)
**Note - You may have been given this already, so that means you are a GREAT blogger.

Without further ado:

Pro-Porn Activism- Renegade (and other assorted fantastic folks), I LOVE YOUR BLOG! I've looked elsewhere and have yet to find a blog so dedicated to bringing to attention the movements of the anti-porn folks and the opportunities to help, support, and promote porn. You never let a thing slip through the cracks, and your intelligent analyses, calm responses to criticsm, and righteous anger never fail to inspire me.

Sexual Intelligence- Marty, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! How is it that you're not linked on every sex-related blog everywhere? Your posts are succint and to the point and always hit the nail on the head. I feel incredibly relieved that you're in our courts patiently explaining to judges that sex and porn aren't deviant criminal activities. (Oh, and you should read his book, too, my dear readers).

World Sex News Daily- World Sex News, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Seems like every other blog regurgitates what you offer in one condensed spot. Thank you for keeping me up-to-date on sex headlines everywhere- I sound that much more intelligent and well-read when I talk about the subject, thanks to you.

Boinkology- Lux and others, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You guys manage to post some of the more interesting stuff out there, and every time I think I can get my fill of sex blogging from somewhere else, I find another new link to you and realize we are star-crossed lovers- I must always come back to you.

Bisexuality and Beyond- Sue, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You have the awesomest, no-nonsense take on bisexuality- which is to say, we get out of the way of all the basics and start the real discussions. Thanks for bringing a real bi perspective to an area littered with porn and coming out stories.

Julia Seranos Blog-Born-Blog- Julia, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! You write at a level that makes other blogs look like losers, and you do it consistently and on the trans and feminist issues I wouldn't know about otherwise. And you won me over just by your description of the blog-born blog.

Capitalism Magazine- Capmag, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Every time I think I understand all the angles of a political discussion, I read you and my horizons are shattered as you come at it from a completely new but totally logical direction. I only wish you talked about porn and sex, too.

Whew, that was hard. I don't like singling out people when there are so many good folks, but that was my attempt. Go, give them love! Visit the sites! And then send out your own I Love Your Blog award.

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